Hello all - I am new and need your help

Iam new here, but i use Computers for a Long time now.

Let`s have some fun and i hope you can help me in the Plextor Forum.

Greetings Mooni

Welcome to the forums Mooni and glad to see you here. :flower:

I need help diagnosing a problem with burning CDs. I did this with no problem for years and now all of a sudden I cannot burn CDs. The drive seems to be working okay because I can rip music files from CDs and I can plays CDs okay. But for some reason I cannot rip music files to blank CDs anymore. I tried slowing down the burn speed but that doesn’t work. I was able to burn 1 song at a time, but when I try to burn 15 or so at a time, It stops and gives me an error message like it cant do it because maybe the driver is not connected. Is this a common problem with a common solution?

What program are you using to burn to CD’s?

Are you burning as files/data? Or are you making a true Audio CD?

I would suggest using ImgBurn. Set your burning speed to 16x for CD’s. If you want to make a true audio CD, instead of just data files on a disc, make a cue file first in ImgBurn by clicking Tools–>Create cue file. Then burn the cue file.

Welcome to the community. I am also a newbie here. I would like to know more about computer. Thanks!