Hello all I am a newbie to this

Is there anyone that can assist me with dvd decrypters. I have tried dvd43 and anydvd but it doesn’t seem to be working. I need help getting through this

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My preference is the all-in-one DVDFab Platinum.

There are also quite a few free options.

I’ll move this thread to the Newbie forum where hopefully you’ll get some more input. :wink:

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AnyDVD is probably the best Decrypter out there. But because it does its thing in the background, is easy to believe it isn’t doing anything.
Latest version
You don’t say which DVD’s you are trying to backup.
It would help.
Also the specific problem(s).
You can try DVDFab for Decrypting & Ripping to your HD only. The free version should work for you.
[B][U]See here:[/U][/B]
[B][U]DVDFab[/U][/B] full versions. Will allow the burning functions etc too. Trial period is fully functioning programs.

I have one click copy and it recommended dvd43 and all I get is the continuing yellow face in the icon. I’ve closed and relaunched and still nothing. I have been able to copy movies that I have purchased but I also want to be able to copy movies that I have rented so that I can watch them when I want.

I tried to do the anydvd as well as I get the same results.

I tried the dvdfab as was recommended as well and I don’t know how to use that with my one click copy

I am not real good with computers so I need something that is even easy for me to be able to use.

[quote=fergie5;1941830]… I also want to be able to copy movies that I have rented so that I can watch them when I want.[/quote]Sorry but we cannot assist with copying rented movies. Have another look at the rules you signed up to.

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