Hello all help with Strix B560-i USB-C unable to read ipad pro

Hello, first of all im from Malaysia so my english isnt very well. I had some weird issue with my Asus Strix B560-i USB-C. Since the day I install the mobo, the USB-C unable to detect my ipad pro whether in itunes or desktop. Even the USB notification sound doesnt beep (the sound when you insert any USB device into the USB port). But the ipad is able to charge with the mobo’s USB-C. however it can read my iphone 11 without any issue. I try to figure it out in device manager but no signs of ipad device is listed there. The ipad is well connected with my previous Asus TUF B560m-plus USB-C. Been tried using 3 different original ipad cable C to C, but none of them succesful.

I got this.