Hello All...Help is there some type sofeware?

Hello all…I’m new to your world and pretty much glad to be here…But I have a question…Is there some type of software or a download I would need to burn a movie that is more then 2 hours long to a 240min or even a 120min DVD? Can somebody plz help me :bow:?

Hi and welcome to the freaks.
You need DVD shrink and then you should burn to disc with imgburn.
If you are backing up your disc and it is a commercial product then you will have to use DVD fab HD decrypter to rip the files to your hard drive. Then use shrink to make the files fit onto a single layer disc.

And, any decent video editing software will allow you to put 2 1/2 hours onto a dvd with good quality.

The tools that you need will vary depending on the type of your source files (which you don’t mention).