Hello all, Beatles remasters



Hello. I’m Ollie and I have a tech problem to solve…

It’s those pesky Beatles remasters, I joined because there is a previous thread from 6 years ago which discusses a similar issue, anyhow here lies the problem:

I use a PS3 to rip my CD’s to mp3’s then use a USB stick to take the mp3’s over to a notebook so I can then transfer them to my phone.

The PS3 rips the Beatles remasters fine and they go onto the USB and show up just fine on the notebook, it’s only when transffering them to my phone where the trouble is… they don’t show up on my phone. The notebook says sync was successful but they are a no show on the phone.

Anyone know why? Any solutions?



Do you have an SD card in the phone? What Phone are you syncing to? Look at the phone’s directories and you will find the tunes. (Connect via USB to gain access)
If your laptop has a DVD/CD drive you can use Free Rip to convert the tunes. Works great and can create several different formats.
Hope this helps.


What is your phone model?

Which software are you using to “sync” this music file from your notebook to your phone?