Hello Again Please help

I am sorry I voilated this web sites policey on posting. i can understand how some of the things that are mentioned here are sticky subjects.

I just want to point something out before I ask my question. It isn’t what you say it is how you say it on here. You can tell people don’t legally aquire some of their files they ask about they just leave some words out of their post and they dont’ get removed. I have read some recent posts where people admit to Downloading software and their post doesn’t get removed. Maybe I need some clarification on what is good or a no no.

My question is how do you burn a back up of a dvd when the files have been turned into rar files. Do you unzip them? where do you go from there? Hopefully I won’t get my post deleted this time.

@eigger: Don’t push your luck here by requesting advice again for the same problem that resulted in your earlier thread being edited and locked.

We as staff might miss the odd post that discusses illegal activities, but please don’t assume you can get away by asking the same question again with some words removed. :rolleyes:

You can read the rules for all the CDFreaks forums in this announcement:

The rules of this forum (& some tips and guidelines)

There’s a reminder in the form of this sticky thread in the Newbie forum:

A reminder of the rules for Newbies…

As a general rule we give people the benefit of the doubt when it’s unclear whether their posts are about activities which are illegal or against forum rules. In your case the applicaple moderator / admin didn’t have such a doubt and neither do I.

Please respect CDFreaks by respecting our rules.