Hello, A Little help with DVD Decrypter

I’m trying to backup Troy using DVD Decrypter and DVD Shrink, both latest versions. I use DVD Decrypter to rip to HD with no problem and then use Shrink for encoding and all that and it does everything just fine but after I hit “Backup”, I get no option to burn at all.

I can’t use Decrypter to burn because it asks for an MDS and/or ISO file which there’s none because after using Shrink all I have is the BUP, VOB and IFO files and I need either the MDS or ISO file to burn using DVD Decrypter…or am I missing or doing something wrong here?

I have Alcohol120%, can that be used to burn if I’m able to compress the ISO file?

Thanks in advance.

If you have to compress it then Decrypter is not the tool you want.Use Decrypter if you want to ISO a disc(usually less than 4.7 gbs but now if you have a DL drive,decrypter can also burn DL to) then you can also use it to burn it.Why don’t you just use Shrink and an encode it on the fly?Skip 1 process you don’t need and save some time.

That’s just it I don’t know how. I use Shrink and once it’s finished encoding it says Shrink has finished or something like that and that the files are ready for burning and that’s it. The only other option left is to exit the program and that’s where I’m stuck.

And after cracking my head open with it getting nowhere…I just used Nero to burn but now it burned it with NO sound at all. ?? ?? :a

When you use Shrink, there is an option for 4 possible outputs - burn with Nero (option must be enabled in preferences), ISO image file, ISO image file and burn with DVD Decrypter, hard disk folder (VOB, IFO etc). Of course, to burn with Nero you must have Nero installed, too! These options come under the “Select backup target” dropdown box on the “Target Device” tab after clicking “Backup”.

What he said!! I also would add that you need to pay real attention to the preferences or “options” in Dvd Shrink.The answer is there.