Ok…i have the lates CloneCd and the latest ClonyXXL. I have beentrying to back up B&W. I ran the Protection Scan…then i opened clone cd with the tab/link from ClonyXXL to clone CD(it says the profile for clonyxxl) will be updated in the bottom of the pgm) anyways,i have beentrying to copy a copy of a gam also and still no copy.My BW game is a legit…so i let the buffer reach 100%…clone cd froze at 4%. I tried other games that are original/copy with nero also and my games wont copy…i just copied some pgms awhile ago without probs. I have a liteon 48125w and a SOnyDDU1211>upgraded to lighton LTD122 with latest firmware/region free. Im starting to think that my lighon DVD drive may be having probs reading…Any suggestions or opinion to my problem…Note…along time ago…when i was backing up DC games with DJ i was able to copy on the fly with my old DVD rom before i got the sony(the oldone broke) after the sony, i was unable to copy on the fly no more…thats why i think it may have to do with the dvd rom drive… And what about copy times for Cllone Cd…can copyrighted(original) games take along time also to back up… as i write this…it finally moved up to 5%(in line 3 minutes…Also my Lighton Burner light is Orange as its trying the process, i think Red is the target color right?

Ok, i tried a different approach…i downloaded the Profiles from the sticky note in this forum…then i ran the CLonyXXL to get copy protection Info for BW>it was safedisk 2> so i opened clonecd and chose the safediskv2 profile and started to burn…after the buffer reached 100%…it started to burn…and again it froze at 4% i have it on the fly copying…also when it reached 4%…the clone cd buffer dropped to Zero…What the f$%#@ is going on!!! !!Lol…I think i have tried the 2 best aproaches so far…keeps freezing at 4% . the process has been running for more that 15 minutes…with like 11 of those minutes filling up the buffer.This really sux… /me Raises a Help Me sigh :confused: :a

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Ok…i have the … … latest ClonyXXL.
Man that is your god-damn problem (my mum doesn’t know who i ma so i can say ‘damn’), just use the defaults!!! :cop: :bow: :bow:

The problems is you’re copying on the fly and I presume you’re using the DVD as reader? When this drive encounters the errors on the disc it slows down reading a lot and thus it seems CloneCD has crashed. You should try this: Read the image with your Lite-On drive using the SafeDisc 2(.51) [no AWS] Profile from this forum. When reading has finished (should take about 8 minutes with the Lite-On) then write it with the same Profile with the Lite-On. I don’t know for sure if you need the Hide CDR Media option because I don’t know the SafeDisc 2 version on your disc. When playing from the DVD-Rom drive you don’t need it. This should do the trick… Report back if it doesn’t.