Hellllpppp liteon ltn526 firmware problem

I own a liteon cdrom ltn 526, and I just flash it using the firmware which I dl from this site, at first when I start the flasher, in winxp enviroment, It say that my current ver is the latest, but I flashed it anyway, during half of the flashing process,the window hang with blue screen that say that windows has automatically shut down to prevent hardware damage, when I resetted, my cdrom, can not be recognized by computer bios, and the hard drive which shares the same ata cable with it is also unrecognizeable
I change the cdrom drive into secunder slave, while my HD is still at primary master, the bios recognize my HD but not my cd drive, and when in the window, the cd drive light keeps on and cannot be opened
I tried to reflash it again using the same firmware but under winme enviroment, but the flasher didn’t recognize the drive
Please help meeeee, I’m so desperate, is there any other way to fix this ?

flash it with mtkflash in real dos mode.

the prob is, I can’t find the bin firmware files for lite on ltn 526, I have tried Xflash and firmlite on the exe file (yh0x.exe), both programs can’t extract the bin form the exe file, pls help me

Is there someone outthere that have the same CDROM ? can someone send me the LTN 526 bin file, pls help