Helllllllp! Lite-On 5025 & Freeview

I purchased a Lite-On VWL-5025ghc+ HDD+DVD recorder a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to record stuff from the digital channels on freeview. I firstly purchased a Sagem digibox that only had 1 output to TV. So I couldn’t connect it to the Lite_On other then analog. I read some articles on the web that recommended the Wharfdale DV 832b. I went and purchased one of these as it had dual outpt. 1 TV - 2 VCR-Aux. But I still cannot get the Lite-On set up to either scan or remember the digital channels.
At the moment I have the analog going into the digi box, then out digi into Lite-On.
I have the digibox scart going Digibox to Lite-On and then Lite-On to TV.
I tried first time with Digibox scart to TV and AUX to Lite-On but still had the same problem.
The problem is that I cannot scan the digi channels only the analog. So this meant that I had to program the Lite-On manually in Channel Edit Mode, then select channel on digibox, then decode on Lite-On then rename the channel. I did this to each channel then tried it and it worked. But when I switched off the digibox and the Lite-On, then switched on again, the Lite-On would only disply the current channel selected on the digibox.

Can anyone help me with this? If you can understand it of course.


A set-top digital receiver (whether cable, terrestrial or satellite) can only tune in a single channel at any given time. What ever channel is tuned in is output on its Scart, TV and RF outputs, which basically means taht it is not possible to record one channel with a VCR or DVD recorder while watching another using the same digital box.

When you do a scan on your DVD Recorder, the digital channel it picks up is in fact what the digital receiver has tuned in and is putting out over its RF cable. The channel over RF (coaxial cable) is actually intended for older TVs which don’t have AV inputs or for viewing the tuned in digital TV channel in another room.

On the other hand, if you still have the Sagem digital receiver, what you can do is connect one digital receiver up to the TV and the other up to the DVD Recorder. This way it is possible to select a channel to record on the receiver connected up to the DVD recorder and another channel to watch on the receiver connected up to the TV. The only drawback in this case is that you still need to make sure what channel you plan on recording is selected on the receiver connected up to the DVD recorder. In this case, I would also recommend using a ‘Y’ splitter to connect the two digital receivers up to the wall RF socket and don’t connect anything to the RF-out of the receiver connected to the DVD recorder, as chances are that both will use the same RF frequency to output the tuned in channel over RF.

Thanks for your quick response. I am rather pissed about this as it shows in the Lite_On manual that you can decode the digital channels and use video-plus. Does this only work with a SKY box?
What I am mostly annoyed about is that when analogue TV disappears we won’t be able to use video plus. One other thing I am having bother with is PBC. When I record films on video plus and switch on PBC, more often or not I lose the last 5 mins.
Would I still have this trouble if I buy a dedicated Freeview box with a hdd?



I have a similar problem to the one below. Not sure if anyone has the answers or if the answer is basically the same as for below…

I bought the Lite-On 5025GHC+. I also have a Samsung IdTv. I want to be able to record the FreeView Channels. Obviously as it is an integrated digital tv there is not separate box or decoder and hence I found it difficult to apply the response to the below to my situation.

Any suggestions?


I have a digital tv, the secons scart is TV out, if you conct it to the liteon, you can record digital tv.


Thanks for that - much appreciated.

Unfortunately this has spawned another query…

Does anyone know how to record Freeview without leaving the television switched on?? So far I have only been able to record the progs on freeview whilst the television is switched on.


Sorry just to make my previous post clear…

I have a Samsung IDtv and a Lite-On 5025 and in order to record freeview I need to route the output via a SCART. This works fine but only works when the television is switched on…

hence me asking if there’s a way to record whilst the tv is off.


OK, Look for “program timer” on the TV, when you program a timer (programed recording), you must put the tv in stand by mode, and the tv just send the signal by scart 2 in stand by mode at the programed timer.
Sorry my english is not good, ¿do you understand me?


Thanks for the advice. It worked and your English was just fine.

Sorry my last question. Do you or anyone know why i cannot make my Lite-On 5025 multei region. I have followed the instructions but the hidden menu does not appear ;o(

Any ideas?


I also have a similar problem
I just bought a freeview box.
and plugged it into the LiteOn

I couldn’t get the freeview box menu to display on anything so i was fiddling around and looking at the LiteOn menus
While looking at the menu, my dad noticed the tv was picking up signals from cable…when we have an antenna.
So stupidly i changed it to antenna, erasing all the 5 pre-saved channels except a not as good quality channel 4.
While trying to get the channels back, i accidently hit decode trying to exit the menu. And now, it’s stuck on channel 4 and will not do anything, no menus or anything, can’t change channel, all i can do is open and close the disc tray i can’t even switch it off without pulling out the plug, and even doing so nothing changes. It was only after doing this i realised i should have changed the settings to read from cable again.
How the hell do i get out of this?!?!
It’s so frustrating!
And my dad would rather watch poncy football than let me try and sort it out!!
(We have our vcr rigged up to the analog channels still)

It is a LiteOn DD-A110, if that helps!?