Helium² releases freeware version

I just posted the article Helium² releases freeware version….

Jansemanden used our newssubmit to tell us that there is a free version of Helium, where we posted about earlier.

This free version has only a little part of the functions supported by the…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2882-Helium--releases-freeware-version___.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/2882-Helium--releases-freeware-version___.html)

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There is also a new version out with fixes and new features: [i]What’s new in Helium² v1.01?[/i] Helium² v1.01 contains both new features and important fixes. The most important things are listed below: All versions* The menues previously was cutted off a little ID3v2 Genre was previously saved incorrect. eg. Pop was saved as Pop, Pop ID3 year is now saved with NULL instead of an numerical character Advanced Tag Editor: Picture duplication bug (when using locked pictures) fixed Make list wizard: Prefixes/Suffixes containing traling/leading spaces was ignored Playlist Manager related: You could earlier have gotten a “List Index Out Of Bounds” error. Advanced Tag Editor: When you specify that you want to convert ID1 to ID2, but check ID2 fields for locking, the ID2 fields change anyway. Better error messages; Error messages related to a spec. file now shows with filename Updated MP3 Explorer Refresh and Auto refresh functionallity Playlist Manager: Fixed player control handling Tag writing: Now checks for available space Advanced Tag Editor: After getting a BIO from internet, Helium verifies that it will be saved. Playlist Manager: Importing of playlist now gets named by their resp. filenames Possibility to create a new playlist from an MP3 Explorer folder (recursive) Important Lyrics 3 saving bug fixed New feature, switch tags Shuffle command now loops in the list, if all entries are played Capitalizer: Added new capitalization modes Updates to the filaname to tag generator, more formats and non-alpha numerical characters supported Minor fixes to the MPEG Analyzer Keyborad Shortcuts for rating File Rename Wizard: Possibility to delete illegal chars. in the File Rename Wizard instead of replacing them with _ Preview window updated with color coding and entries listed below each other. Possibility to define a unique empty string for each field CDDB² wizard: The CDDB wizard has been upgraded to the most recent version of the CDDB control. The layout on the wizard has also been partially changed. The Direct Filename read mode is now very improved and supports non-ordered files, and is not bound to single albums only. AE version only Custom view/Select fields move up/down didn’t worked Quick filter visibility optional (NT/XP) Windows claimed that you should put in a CD when scanning an alias stored on an CD which wasn’t available Recurse collection scanning Custom Query View now contains the operator between for numerical fields. Rating fix in custom view *Please note that the Tag and Rename version doesn’t contain all of the listed fixes/implementations. The improvements listed above are just some of the updates (listing all of the updates would take too much space!).

And what is the URL to where a demo version be downloaded from ?

You can find it all at www.helium2.com