Helium2 v1.1

I just posted the article Helium2 v1.1.

Helium 2 is one of the most powerful mp3 management systems I have seen to date and they have just released a new version a few days ago.
Here is a quick overview of Helium2’s features:

Tag your…

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trust me. this is a really useful program if you have hundreds of mp3’s

If you have hundreds? What about if you have thousands?? Lol.

I’m sitting on 5000 mp3 albums right now. I track mine with an excel sheet and custom macros.

Damn, that’s not something I fancy doing. Right now I’m using mp3-explorer. I like it cause it’s really simple and easy to get around my mp3’s with. Plus it has some easy to use utils to tag or rename the mp3’s.

damn. if helium wouldn’t stick to that ugly ms-office look and wouldn’t use those creeping ms-access engine i’d be happier. still liket’s mp3stocker (i guess liket is now best known for his winamp-plugins… he did sick basic-demos once) is one of my faves… anyone remember that one? it got features hard to find anywhere else. (‘dj’ functions, mp3cache or just plain flexibility)… the sad side is that the developement slowed down extremely… it could neet a re-write. at least there is a year-old beta with id3v2-support :)(http://mp3stocker.tsx.org/) but there more interesting freeware: ‘mpeg audio collection’, it hasn’t got the mass of features known from helium but it’s interface is clear and intentive, supports id3v2, is available in a wide variety of languages is way faster and most important: absolutely free, no nags, no limitations, etc. (http://www.jfaul.de)

Tranquille & where could we find it ??

I have thousands of mp3’s all over the place, and I keep track of them all in my head. I’ve been planning on a database for everything (vids, mp3’s, scans, you know, digitized stuff), but I’ve gotten so much stuff, that I just don’t got time to keep track of it all. =)