Helium 2 released!

Finally after some delay the new and improved Helium 2 is available!!

Helium² is the ultimate MP3 management system. Catalog your growing MP3 collection, create tags and playlists, or use Helium²’s unique collection of tools and wizards to manage even the largest MP3 collection!
Helium² supports playlist formats as m3u, pls, bpl all with extended information for import and/or export. Many other functions as MakeList wizard, full featured database, tagging versions from ID3 1.1 to ID3 v2.4, extension and/or file renaming with folder creation to any writeable media, easy move and copy files, Explorer like User Interface and WinAmp 2.76 support and alot of other useful functions. And there is much more to come in a very near future. Most important is CDDB2 support and MPEG checker which will be the first free upgrade for all registered users within 4-6 weeks from release date.

Helium² AE includes:
MP3 Explorer, synchronized with the Database Explorer and the Playlist Manager
Easy Move, Copy and Delete
Batch Tagging (ID3 v1.1 and ID3 v2.3/2.4 compatible
Integrated Filename To Tag tool, which detects formats automaticly.
Batch extension renaming or filename modifying
Batch renaming and folder creating, using ID3 tags
Batch importing/exporting of existing tags
Batch Tag Synchronizing
Batch tag removal, accesible directly from the GUI
Batch file rating , accesible directly from the GUI
Create highly customizable HTML lists
Export of m3u, pls and bpl (WinAmp3) format playlists with or without extended information

Database Explorer, synchronized with the MP3 Explorer and Playlist Manager
MP3 storage. Easily add specific directories, entire harddiscs or removable medias (CD’s etc.)
Audio-CD storage. Easily add your audio-cd’s to the database. Enter the information either manually, or use CDDB2 to automaticly get the disc information.
Custom information storage. Store information from non-computer related audio medias. Ideal for indexing your Tape, LP or MD collection!
Integrated filtering. Filter your data directly from the GUI.
Search your data, using the search view. From the view you can easily search your database for specific items. Load and save your queries. Wildcards are supported.
Support for removable medias.
You can still browse all your information, even if the media isn’t available.
The most tools also works with items that aren’t available at the moment.
You can easily see which items that are present or not in the item list.
Statistics over your database
Favourites support
Customizable view support. View your database information in the way YOU would like to see it.
Connecting to multiple databases.
Editing of database contents. Very useful for editing misspelled data that cannot be edited on its original storage medium.
All the tools and wizards from the MP3 Explorer, except the Rename Wizard can be used.

Playlist Manager, synchronized with the Database Explorer
Import/Export of m3u, pls and bpl (WinAmp3) format playlists with or without extended information
WinAmp 2.x support as external player
Support for removable medias.
Internal player

Shopping and Loan list
Keep records of what to buy
Keep track of who has borrowed you CD’s etc.
Price: $35.00 (Introduction price, valid through December 2001)


Sweeeeeeet :smiley: