Height Oddity

This is weird, i measured myself first thing in the morning and measured an exact 172cm/5’ 7.75" (yes im a short arse) :sad: , but at night i measured myself again and stood at 1 mm above 170cm/5’7 0" this was done exact with a pringles can above the head :slight_smile: ive done it twice so its not a random error

i know some change happens during the day your spine and joints compress and loosen at night but 3/4 of an inch???

btw in hollywood im 5’ 10" so please no piss taking :slight_smile:

2 cm sounds perfectly normal. To be honest, I would have expected a bit more. The (human) body is a strange thing…

Yup … compression is good …

Just think … If you sleep standing up for a few weeks, you can post pak yourself anywhere in the world for cheap!!!

I don’t even want to ask why you are measuring yourself so often.

In another vein, I read that the average height in the US is shrinking. It appears that the massive epidemic of obesity in children is causing earlier onset of puberty. This, in turn, is causing reduced height. So sad.

Shouldn’t this lead to one of your famous polls, maybe on how tall we are?

i read about this phenomenon somewhere so decided to try it out

It’s perfectly natural. Some people even “grow” 1 or 2 complete inches during sleep. During the day you “shrink back”.

it have everything to do with gravity … at night you sleep ( horizontal ) and the pressure in you spine is not the same as daytime ( vertical ) … that`s why the 1-2cm difference ( maby more ).

I done the same trick on myself … in morning Im 1.93cm and in the nite Im 1.91cm

Maby if you sleep for 14days you`ll get 14-28cm longer :slight_smile: :wink:

I wonder how this works when your in space ??!!

Probably the compression of lift off shrinks them all - and the weightlessness makes them pop back into shape?

the same happens to me it depends who i sleep with :smiley: