Heh heh heh.... "like new" 5006 on eBay



I paid barely over $100 for it…shipping included.

Yes, after the horrible stretch of about two weeks having a 5005 with only a mono tuner, I now “finally” have one with stereo.

Which still won’t be hooked up to cable but will be using an external source. :stuck_out_tongue:


And you’ll be back on here asking for advice very soon i bet :bigsmile: :wink:


Good luck with it. Make sure you keep us posted as you go :smiley:


Who? ME?!?

blinks innocently…then smirks widely :iagree:


:slight_smile: Thats what this forums all about.Theres some knowledgeable people on here.You can spend all day on the phone to Liteon and you might as well have rung the New York bagel company.Good luck :wink:


@robbie-uk - you said it beautifully! Without cdfreaks, doom9, afterdawn, ddvdecrypter, digital digest and all the rest where would be be? The users and moderaters on the forums have helped me and continue to help/point me in the right direction with answers, links and anything they can do to help me.

Without them we all would probably throw our PC’s, burners, recorders and who knows what else in the trash.

To whoever invented the internet, and to all those that put up and maintain the forums and the users on them, THANK YOU!!!


And guys like you who become steadfast supporters

At this point I start hearing “This is the self-preservation society” song in my head.


Yeah and the give and receive saying too. I have received so much help/advice over the years it just comes naturally to try and give it back when I can.


Spooky - the first video I copied to DVD after I applied the MV hack had the immortal phrase “You’re only supposed to blow the bl**dy doors off!”


Huh? :confused:


Sorry forgot to include quote from helloshaun above re. Self Preservation Society.


I just bought a 5006 and the tuner in my unit is mono. What is the manufacturing date of your 5006?