Heeeeeelp Please - Demo Protection Identification


Do you know of a tool that can identify the protection used on a downloadable demo?

I know ClonyXXL can do from a disk - but I dont really wanna have to burn this - soooo lazy - just wondered if there was one I could point to the exe and it tells me?


MC :smiley:

I wouldn’t think there would be a protection on a demo, but if it was SafeDisc, SafeDisc Analyser would do the trick. YaPS scans folders too, so put the game in the folder and scan that.

Hmm I have a sneaky suspicion this is a SecuRom protection…

Would it work if I chucked the DEMO on a CD and then tried from there? with A-Ray or ClonyXXL?

I just hit a major brick-wall in my knowledge… and its scary.!! :smiley:

MC :smiley:

How can a CD PROTECTION be on an executable downloadable demo? Aren’t demos supposed to run w/o a CD?

Yeah I know! :smiley:

I was just very curious to see what protection is on the Demo versions… And, if that version actually made it onto the retail version as all companies offer some form of Demo protection…

More curiousity than anything else :smiley:

Cheers for the help though! :smiley:

MC :smiley:

But why would there be a protection on a demo at all? Demos are free!

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