Ripped Vanilla Sky to me hard drive and played with the trial version of DVD2One. Used copy2dvd to burn - when i put it in me standalone, it just says “Disc error”

what have i done wrong?


PS: Hi - my first post :slight_smile:

Hi Fatz,

Welcome on board! A little tip for you: change the subject of your thread into something which describes the problem. This way you have more chance people will actually look at your thread!

What are you burning too? I have a DVD+RW drive and have to use a program called bitsetter to set the disk to DVD-ROM before my standalone DVD will recognize the disk. I get a disk error if I don’t. Toss us a bone dude. :slight_smile:

thanks for the welcome, now sorted the problem - when i burnt it didnt take the video_ts folder over …now all happy - cash coming your way veeeeery soon :smiley: