Having a problem with my Pioneer 105d drive, keeps having “power calibration” errors and failing burns… can anyone help? Its kind of shitty. :frowning:

I just tried a search to see if this had been covered in one of the CDFreaks forums. It appears not, so unless someone had the same trouble, you might be waiting a while. Sorry I couldn’t help you. I also think that model is no longer supported by Pioneer, as they are now onto the 110D. I know even the 108D I had is no longer supported, either, so you might be left with buying another Pioneer…although if you have another choice, I would get a different brand of

Can you post a log of Infotool?

Some info about your system can help

I believe your Pioneer is DEAD! :sad: The “Laser” is gone… :frowning:

Same thought here.

105 is quite old now.

Power calibration error: either your discs are ultimate crap, or your drive is dying.

Try other discs and if this fails buy a new drive… :frowning:

Yep, I’ll second that. The media should be suspected first. Try a couple of other types of media before blaming the hardware.

same media burns fine in my matshita burner… well,… lol, not exactly fine… burns at 2x instead of 4… but thats my matSHITa burner… gotta love it…

guessing its probably the burners dead… its had a fair workout… :slight_smile: