Hedz Up! Verbatim 50-Pack DVD+/-R for 19.99 at BB

Starts June 19.

WoW, you do get the BB ads early thanks for the deal

hey jimc:
r the verbatim’s 8x or 16x ??? if u happen to know. thnx.

The image in the ad indicates the 8x spindle but BB being BB, that could be wrong. The product sku’s are as follows:

[94984/94930] 6887096/6683617

Hope that helps.

thnx. i’ll chck out ad this weekend. can never have too much media :wink:

Don’t say that to BigMike. :smiley:

was at my bb last night, shelves were stocked 4 sale. verbs are the 8x type both + and -r’s. fyi.

Hey, Did anyone happen to pickup the DVD+R’s??? Any info to report???


hey mic:
as far as the verbatim +r 8x media goes, there is only 1 mid and thats mcc03.

Thanks cmisenko, I bought some mcc04 and they burned sweet, think I’ll grab a pack of the 03…Mic1111

Does any know or can tell how to tell who makes the discs(so i don’t get any CMC)? THANK YOU!

hey jef:
don’t remember xactly (use the search) some kinda paper on top thingie. ie if paper is on top its xxxx, if packing rings r on top and paper is under packing rings its xxxx, or so the story goes.

cmisenko[LEFT]Ok! Thanks will do[/LEFT]