Hedz Up! Sony DVD+/-R media 50-Pack @ 19.99 starting June 12 at BB



Whether BB carries the TY Sony’s [MIJ’s] is not certain. But I’m sure I’ll find out this Sunday.


WoW, you are ahead of Ripit, too bad for me, no bestbuy in hawaii, and no staples. Any deal from CompUSA, OM, OD, and CC??


With all due respect to ripit [who is doing an outstanding job], I can only post media bargains and nothing else. So far, all I have is an advanced flyer from BB.

No BB in Hawaii? I thought these bastards are everywhere.


Boycott all sony products!!! :Z :Z


yeah you do that, so I can get my hand on the last MIJ Sony spindle


Some much for respecting others who have given so much to this hobby!!! :Z :Z


I dropped by my local BB [New York] today and browsed around to see if they have any MIJ spindles. Every single one was MIT [+R’s]. So, I’ll pass on this deal.


Nice guy. :rolleyes:


Too late, since you’re the first poster you MUST buy some, allthough it’s MIT. :stuck_out_tongue:


All 14-15 I just spied at Best Buy (W. Lafayette IN) this morning were MIJ Sony DVD-R’s in the yellow 50 pks… picked up two of them because I had a gift card for 50$ i needed to use… not sure if they aren’t supposed to let the 10% coupon apply on these, but the cashier let it slide for me, so basically cancelled out sales tax as well.

Aside from the 200+ value discs i have left i figured i’d give Sony a spin too, although i really don’t like supporting them, i can’t pass on MIJ’s from them lol


Did you check the MID? My guess is Sony08D1.


Are the Sony MITs that bad?


No buy them you deserve what you get if you buy sony. :eek:


With the proliferation of the “Accucore” Sony 8x media (which seemed to be all made in Taiwan), I was afraid that Sony-branded YUDEN000T02 would disappear from the market, but lo and behold, they have shown up again with the “Accucore” labelling!


If you are referring to DVD Decrypter, it’s Macrovision, not Sony, that shut him down.

From Doom9.net, 6/12/05.

Finally, since I was “blessed” by an official information email that the company that shut down DVD Decrypter development demanded be sent, I can let the cat out of the bag: it’s not the MPAA, it’s not Sony as initially rumored. It’s Macrovision - the company that has given the world video signal corruption since the 1980’s. The email states that we’re dealing with a case of copyright infringement, which I find hard to believe. On a DVD, there is no Macrovision signal. There is a flag in the bitstream that tells your player to turn on the signal that screws the automatic gain control on your VHS recorder, and DVD Decrypter can remove that. But it’s not like DVD Decrypter is the only program to do that, there are a great many programs out there, some of which cannot even decrypt DVDs, that can remove the Macrovision flag. And it’s not like the flag matters when you make digital copies, you could simply keep it. For instance if you’re creating a DVD±R from a store bought DVD, if you don’t touch the flag, you couldn’t make a VHS copy of your DVD copy.
I’m unaware the DVD Decrypter would be able to add the Macrovision flag to a ripped video. That would be something else since in order to use Macrovision ACP, you have to pay a license fee, and without paying it, you’d be committing some sort of violation (likely a patent violation since ACP is patented). And Macrovision has sued at least one other company over this issue in the past: 321 Studios. That case didn’t go to trial because 321 Studios eventually shut down operations under pressure from a previous lawsuit by the MPAA. And as far as the DMCA is concerned, a simple bit in a stream cannot possibly be considered an effective copy protection mechanism as defined under the DMCA, unless you have no idea about technology (obviously most lawyers fall into that category). This is even more laughable than using ROT-13 “encryption” (and still, ROT-13 was used as “encryption” by Adobe).


Dang…Now i’ll NEVER use Macrovision Again :iagree:


sorry it took me so long to respond…u were dead on…that’s the exact media code these MIJ sony’s have