Heavily secured Harry Potter bootleg online - 500 downloads

I just posted the article Heavily secured Harry Potter bootleg online - 500 downloads.

While Warner Brother had announced heavy security to make sure that their latest Harry Potter release: Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, would not be leaked on the internet, it seems that…

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Wow, are we really surprised anymore? LOTR Two Towers will probably be released soon aswell.

Yep WOW…I can lay my hands on a copy today if needed but I will still take my kids to the cinema to get the full feel and atmosphere of such films…does anybody have a copy of LOTR Tiwn Towers!! :8

There where roumers that the Two Towers was leaked, but it has not appeard to be online yet. So i am guessing that either it was not stolen or the group that stole it made a deal with Hollywood and got some extra cash for pizza and beer.

Your Kidding? 3 Days later this is a Revelation? And WB cant confirm this? How about they DONT WANT TO Confirm there security didnt work…And as most of you know already, Its Verified…Its been circluating since 11/9. Nice going WB :r

The UTi CAM VCD is all over the place now. It’s on usenet in alt.binaries.vcd, eDonkey and probably on Kazaa etc. I went and saw it at the cinema because the copy is crap quality. But my friend does not want to spend over two hours in a cinema with his spoilr brats so has asked me to get a copy for him. Hmm.

I wish the downloaders of the bootleg Harry Potter the best of luck. As long as it is not sold, nothing wrong has been committed.

The creators of this movie just spent millions in making it. Now you are just going to go and take it and not pay them what they deserve? Giving away copied stuff is illegal too.

Who really wants to watch a camcorder low-res version of a movie on his computer screen anyway? Takes the fun out of watching, if you ask me!

I work at a cinema, there appear today a poster saying that it was one of our chain that was the one that it got recoreded at! I saw the film last thursday and some people saw it last wednesday.(legally staff showing) It continued to say that the cinema had all harry potter showings cancelled and that they would be fined. + people that work at cinemas could earn £5000+ for catching someone filming a movie. a huge amount if you know how many peanuts people get paid at cinemas.