Heartfelt thank you to all

Even though I just joined this forum, you’re posts and inside information has made my 3500 crank! I’m burning my fujifilm +r 8x at 16x. Full burn took only 6.05. Also booktype setting to dvd-rom is perfect. Thanks to everyone in this forum far all you’re help. I am looking forward to contributing whatever I can to return the favor. By the way I am using firmware maddog 2.f9. It seemed to be the easiest to set up and test. I used the windows installer as I was afraid to flash any other way as I am a virgin when to comes to modding my burner.
Thanks again,

Yo billwinkle-

Glad to hear that your a happy camper-

I installed my firmware on both my 3500’s through Windows XP - and it worked out great too-

That fuji +R 8x should be Taiyo Yuden media - which I believe is some of - if not the best out there-


Welcome billwinkle