Heartbleed vulnerability used against Hackers

We’ve just posted the following news: Heartbleed vulnerability used against Hackers[newsimage]http://static.myce.com//images_posts/2014/05/Heartbleed-Thumbnail.png[/newsimage]

Heartbleed vulnerability used against Hackers

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As the old saying goes " What goes around comes around "

The saying goes “It’s a double edge sword”…

I guess we’re just supposed to [I]assume[/I] these people are indeed criminals. There’s no way these companies would claim these people are criminals unless they were, since they’d need an ulterior motive (such as trying to convince governments/the public that using this security hole to their advantage is a “good” thing for them to do).

Such assumptions can be dangerous… after all, you know what they say: never [I]ASSUME[/I], because when you [I]ASSUME[/I], you make an [I]ASS[/I] of [I]U[/I] and [I]ME[/I]. Now, that’s what I call wisdom.

I think the key phrase is “targeting cyber criminals”. There was no guarantee that they’d find any, but given the infamous nature of these closed forums and the fact these comments were made after the security researchers had extracted all they needed, I think it’s pretty certain that what they’ve said is accurate.