Hearing Loss

So i’m on my 250 mile trip taking my daughter back to her mother :Z but i have to until i get custody…but anyway my 13 year old daughter says to me that the radio station i have on is making a high pitched noise. I don’t hear it :eek:

Listen to your elders. It is true :iagree: :doh:

It’s true…adults can’t hear high pitched stuff…it’s kinda entertaining :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously…I was at school a little late a week or so back…one of the kids in the room had a phone with a high-pitched ringtone…all the kids would raise a major commotion whenever it played, while one of the teachers looked on as if we were crazy. [One of the kids couldn’t hear it, as well, but the rest of us heard it.] The other teacher [in his 20s] heard it perfectly well, and made the kids stop playing it.

Boy, was it funny to see the older [fyi female] teacher think we were all crazy . 'Twas classic. :iagree:

I wonder how many people can hear the high pitched noises from computers, cell phones, etc. I know I am one of them. Can tell when my TV is on [as can most], can tell when my Turion is under full load [as can a few people with recent laptops, either Intel or AMD], can hear my LG phone squeal with life when it’s on [when I’m right next to it], and occassionally I can tell when my P4 in my desktop is getting taxed. :eek: [As long as I don’t hear my power supply, I’m good. :p]

I read a study a while back that said, as a general rule, men tend to lose their hearing in the higer frequencies, while women tend to lose more in the lower frequencies. Since women have higer voices and men lower ones, the old idea that married couples stop hearing one another may actually have some basis in truth. :slight_smile:

Though maybe we exaggerate that a bit.:bigsmile:

I have a friend who is virtually deaf in one ear and has to wear a hearing aid in it. He says it is a great tactic to remove the hearing aid, put his good ear into the pillow and act like he is actually listening to his wife at night. ;):bigsmile:

I think it depends on what you do to your ears over your life and some luck. I can still hear out to 15khz and I’m not a kid anymore by a long ways.
I use ear protection almost always when using the grinders at work or pretty much anything else loud like lawn mowing.
I like my music and want to be able to hear as much of it as possible for as long as possible. I try to warn the young kids I work with but most ignore me, you dont get it back once it’s gone.

What speak up I cannot read you-LOL
I also have noticed I do not hear as well as before that is why I only buy stuff that goes to 11 on the volume.


Yeah, there are lottsa factors that affect hearing loss. Abuse, neglect, trauma, infections - subsequent scarring, aging, predispositions for females to lose low frequency sound and males to lose high frequency, etc. and sometimes we just get dealt a bum hand.

I wish I’d been more careful as a young man in the 60’s, but on the other hand jimi hendrix, led zeppelin, rolling stones, etc., were (and still are) awesome!!!
Long live Rock & Roll

It’s also a very fun thing to make a device that will keep dogs and children away from you. :smiley:

My solution has always been to “Turn up the volume”.

Ah yes, nothing better by not only destroying your own ears even more, but the ears of others as well.

Speak for yourself deafman! But don’t feel bad …my Fiancee is only 24 & can’t hear it unless she’s abut 20cms from it. Similarly most of my friends can’t hear them.

I’m pushing 30 and buzzing transformers, screaming capacitors (in Fluro lights) and dying monitors drives me up the wall.

Cheap cd/DVD players also produce nasty squeals, and any TV left on, with no signal make my brains dribble out my ears, or at least make me want to hit people.

Since I’m very relaxed in everyday life, my reaction to ongoing high pitch squeals makes me wonder whether it could be produced & focused and cause the residents of a city/suburb tear eachother to shreds.

I think Tom Clancy wrote about something similar in one of his op-centre books.

And can you imagine what all these “inaudible” watermarks in music tracks is gonna do … in public places, you can’t turn off the radio!

And won’t someone please think of the children! And the animals, which have much better hearing than humans!


wait, 30 isn’t old!!!

Oh, right. Although I’m not “old”, high pitched noises still drive me batty. Over time, they just make me go mad and want to destroy whatever it is causing it. Although my TV being on usually doesn’t bother me as long as there is audio of the program, a muted TV is the worst thing.

Also, for some reason, music with high pitched noise automatically means it is high quality. If it is missing the high pitched-ness, I think it’s been too compressed. It’s weird how that works. But the high-pitched ness of music will drive me batty after a while, which means I can’t listen to loud music for more than say 10 minutes at the most. Normal volume affords me an hour of listening before I have to put it down.

Supposedly people over 25 cannot hear high frequencies that those under 25 can, At Alfsee near where I live in Germany there is a Waterski lake that was being used by young folks getting drunk etc only problem was they were vandalsing as well breaking bottles etc, so the owners fitted a thing that emits these high frequencies and according to reports in the paper it works and they have stopped hanging around the place, there was also a report that a kids playpark also wanted to fit something similar due to teenagers vandalising at night.

Ah yes, i read that one about the frequency that makes people highly agressive. There’s a fun passage where a chinaman kills his entire family because his wife whines about something.

When i was 17 i was tested for the military (mandatory back then). One of those test was the colourblind test, which i passed 100%. The tester also asked how long i was working with computers. Never knew how he could know that. The other test was a hearing test where you have to tell wether you hear a beep and in which ear. Funny thing was that i also heard the click of the button and the electronic signal of the beep sending out. I faked a few errors here because i didn’t really want to have perfect scores and sent out to some godawful war.