Heaps and heaps of n00b questions

Hi Guys,

I’ve been burning for a bit, unexectadely though I got a DRU-500a 1.0e. I now have heaps of questions as I have never delved into this and I have no clue. (I’m in australia for region Q’s)

  1. I have a Lite-on LTD-163D and a Sony DRU-500a can i kill the region lock on either of these devices.

  2. If i have a region lock set to Zone 4 (australia) can i still view disks from other regions with the likes of “Elby Region Kill”

  3. Can i put normal cd music on a DVD and have it play like a normal cd from a DVD. This way i can get at least 5 albums on a DVD. or is this the “DVD audio” format that i have seen mentioned once that is not that well know yet.

  4. I have DVDxCopy is this the best all in one DVD buring software that i need. or am i better to use a whole bunch like DVD decrytpter.

  5. The DRU-500a Does DVD-r and DVD+r. Which is the best?
    Is there a best? which is better in certain cases? DVD+R does 4x does this make it better just because of speed? Or does one work better in DVD players than the other.

  6. If i have an DVD image on my HD from another region will it still burn on a sony DVD locked to another region.

I probably have more Q’s but it’s late.

thanks to all the Guru’s who help me out :bow: :bow: :bow:

1 ) Sure , you will need modified firmware

  1. Entirely depends how and with what program(s) you view your dvd’s. DVDGenie might help you with that.

  2. I don’t think this will work.

  3. I like DVD2SVCD in combination with SmartRipper

    • is going to be the medical and military standard
    • is going to be the household standard
  4. no , if your dvd writing process is locked onto one region , you can’t use another region to burn. But why not burn them region free ?

  1. Which drive can i hack with firmware to get region free. Where do i get the firmware? Got the sony 1.0g but i don’t think sony will let me be region free. Checking liteonit.com now :slight_smile:


You use a program called RPCDE to disable the region counter on the LTD-163D, but there is no patched firmware for the DRU-500A. You must patch the software unless you use some kind of program like DVD Region Free or DVDSynth or VideoLAN. These programs let you get past the hardware region counter somehow… Region Killer or DVD Genie accompany a patched DVD-ROM drive and block the software region counters.

thanks Mr. Belvedere and dhc014

The RPC worked a charm. I saw it on another site with heaps of firmware updates and did not know what it did.

dhc014 your the guy who put the firmware on the site opps i feel humbled. Thanks mate. :wink: :bow: