HEADS UP: MIJ Sony +R's at Sam's Club (U.S.)

At my local Sam’s Club here in NW Florida, they have a 75-pack (actually a 25 and 50 spindle shrinkwrapped together) of Sony Accucore DVD+R, made in Japan. They also have some Taiwan, so choose carefully. For $29 and change, that’s about 39 cents per disc…pretty good for retail MIJ, IMO…'course ya gotta add about 2 bucks tax. Has anyone else used these discs, and do you know their origin?? I’m strictly standalone, so I have no way to check them.
thanks and happy shopping,

MIJ disc’s are good, even the non ty ones

I have also noticed these Sony DVD+R dics for a while, but only the 50-pack spindle had made in Japan on the label, the 25-pack had made in Taiwan label instead, at least in my local Sam’s Club store. Never paid any attention to the price since I could get similar or better deal when BestBuy or other retail chains have the 50-pack on sale as they regularly do. Of course, YMMV.

What are the MIDs of these Made-in-Japan Sony discs? Any scans?


I thought it was something else like Sony own MID because koolaidwa said non-TY.

Let me ask new question then, apart from TY what are the other Made-in-Japan MIDs? RICOHJPN? Maxell?

MXL RG03 (Maxell 8X DVD-R), MAXELL…002 (Maxell 8X DVD+R), SONY08D1 and SONY16D1 (Sony 8X and 16X DVD-R), SONY…S11 (Sony 4X DVD+RW), and JVC/VictorW7 (JVC 2X DVD-RW)

The above probably covers most non-TY made in Japan DVD media currently sold in the U.S. retail market, although Maxell MIJ media are getting harder and harder to find, being replaced by RiTEK’s OEM crap. Strangely enough, Sony 8X DVD+R made in Japan media sold here are YUDEN000T02 instead of SONY…D11, which seems only made in Taiwan.

My old spindle of SONY08D1 is Made in Japan but lately the label shows Made in Taiwan but people still reported they get SONY08D1. The MIJ/MIT is only on the spindle label, not on the disc.

Yes, the early batch of SONY08D1 was made in Japan, and later batches were made in Taiwan by Daxon. Although it seems that made in Taiwan discs are almost as good as the MIJ ones.

For some reasons, my local BestBuy still has plenty stock of MIJ 8X DVD-/+R media, but most other places probably have only MIT media available. Even in Japan, Sony branded 8X media came from both Taiwan and Japan:



It’s getting harder to find Sony and Maxell branded discs made in Japan, and I wonder how many manufacturers other than TY would still offer MIJ 16X media.

Since I own my BenQ 1640 (September 2005) I haven’t seen any Sony MIJ in my country. All Sony currently are Accucore MIT.

On my opinion, they are as variable in quality as Taiwan made media :smiley:
My QS had always been 94 % with the batch, bought two months ago. Lately, there are reports for 98 % issues with the same media/firmware/QS_setting and burner.
So, buying MIT media, never know what you’re buying exactly.

Guess, I should consider moving to NW Florida for a while – just to stock up with some MIJ stuff (unfortunately, it is almost impossible to find any MIJ media here :()
I’m a bit jealous so far…

I don’t quite understand your comment in this particular case. It was Sony’s decision to use the same MID and dye in both the MIJ and MIT 8X DVD-R media. If you are experiencing quality variances from the MIT media, you should complain to Sony for their QC. Sony is currently selling the same MIT 8X DVD-R media in Japan as well although probably with better QC, which suggests that Sony has enough confidence in their OEM in Taiwan. If your Sony branded media turned out to be using non-Sony MIDs, then you have every right to complain the MIT discs.

If Sony, MKM, and Ricoh continue to rely on Taiwanese manufacturers as their OEM, then maybe you should stop using these brands to avoid future “uncertainties”. BTW, DVD discs made in Hong Kong and China have now become the low-end product in the US retail market, maybe you want to get hold of them to try your luck since you don’t seem to have faith in any MIT discs. :smiley:

I consider your sarcasm as an expression of good mood :slight_smile:

…Still don’t want to waste the momentum, gained from your post and suggest you to keep that Hong Kong’s and Chinesе stuff for yourself and:

  • send me some MIJ DVD media as a Christmas present
  • invite me to a fortnight visit, so I can stock up myself with good stuff from USA.
    Either way, it will be much appreciated

Looking forward your replay :smiley:

PS. All Sony media I use was Sony D11 medicode.