Heads up! Media sale [US] starting July 24



circuit city:

tdk dvdr +/- 25 pack spindle @ $7.98


100-pack dvdr +/- @ $24.99 [no media brand indicated on flyer]
memorex 25-pack dvd+r double layer @ $79.99
memorex 25-pack dvd+rw @ $14.99
memorex 100-pack cdr @ $17.99


fujifilm 30-pack [in 3 individual color storage spindles] dvdr +/- @ $9.94
fujifilm 50-pack [in 5 individual color storage spindles] cdr @ $9.94


verbatim 25-pack dvdr +/- @ $9.99
memorex 100-pack dvdr +/- @ $39.99


Thanks jimcooper. Do you actually have the ads? Wow, 3 days ahead.


:sad: I bet those Fuji Cd-r at Staples would be TY. Shame the Staples in Temple, TX doesn’t carry any. I realize I could order them online (and if I ordered $50, I would get free s/h, I think), but I haven’t read if anyone has checked the mid on those CD-R yet…

Uh-oh…I think the stores hear “cha-ching!” from Zevia getting ready to buy some media. :iagree: :wink: :bigsmile:


I usually get the BB only, but this week was different. Maybe one day I’ll scan 'em also but right now I’m too lazy to do it.


$0.30 for those nice colorful ty, thats a good deal


That’s a GREAT deal!!! Although im stocked up on my Fuji’s, no way imma pass this deal up.


I will be getting:


fujifilm 30-pack [in 3 individual color storage spindles] dvdr +/- @ $9.94


I’m in need of -R’s… BB here i come.


Are the Verbs 16x or 8x? If they are 16x I’m buying 500.


hey guys:
just be carefull on color fuji’s. my staples has both mit and mij (dvd +r 8x). so i’m “assuming” that the mid rules apply. guess we’ll have to wait and see since this is the first time i have seen the colored fuji’s.


I have been in two Staples stores here in N.J. and all the colored Fujifilm DVD+ and - have been Yuden000-T02 and TYG02. At 9.99USD for 30 thats a pretty good deal. The Verbs 16x at 9.99 in Bestbuy is comparable but you really have to make sure your firmware supports the Verbs at 16x.


hey alan:
are the +r the mij??? if so, it looks like i’m in for the colored ty’s. also the rumor was the colored slim jewel cases were supposed to be on sale with the colored dvd’s @ the same price… so that would be $9.99 for 100 slim jewel cases, which is a great price.


mmm color TY for $9.99 a 30-pack? Now that’s tasty. :iagree:


I just came home from Staples here in NJ, stocked full of Fujifilm Tys + and - . All Made in Japan. I bought them at 17.99, now I have to dollar cost avg. the price. The + is Yuden000-T02-000 and the dash are TYG02.


The slim jewel cases are indeed on sale also at Staples for the same price. I did not mention it since I thought no one needs the jewel cases.

Alan, I cannot tell from the flyer if the Verbs are 16x.


I bought them for the same price. Does anyone know if they will refund the difference? I still have my sale slip…


Fuji, Sony and TDK DVD-Rs are all made in Taiwan over here. Which one would be better?

Also, I have Pioneer A03 which burns DVD-R’s at 2X. Would 4X or 8X DVD-R better?



That’s probably the cheapest I’ve ever seen TY CD-Rs. Even cheaper than Rima.com, and you get nice branded labels.


Check this out, looks like you can get those Fuji’s online now…



Only if you bought them in the last 30 days.