Heads up! Media sale starting July 31st [US]

hp cd-r 50-pack @ $8.94
hp dvd-r +/- 25-pack @ $8.94
hp cd-rw 10-pack in slim jewel cases @ $8.94

circuit city:
philips dvd-r +/- 25-pack @ $7.98

50 dvd-r +/- [five 10-packs/brand not indicated] @ $9.95
tdk dvd-rw +/- 25-pack @ $14.99
sony cd-r 50-pack @ $8.99

best buy:
fujifilm dvd-r +/- 25-pack @ $9.99
memorex dvd-r +/- 50-pack @ $19.99




Wasn’t it ripit who did these? :confused:

So I guess it’s true you can never have too much media?

Wow!! Is it Saturday already? Lol … good stuff!! Keep it comin’. :slight_smile:

Re. Compusa 50 pk @ $9.99 … there’s probably good reason why there’s no brand identified … the last time they had some ridiculous sale priced media, turned out to be Khypermedia (at 2.4x I believe) for RW media. Great price. Crap media. You decide. Haha.

thanks for the heads up jimcooper. Makes me easier to decide whether to take verbatims sale this week or fuji ty next week.

Those Fujis may not be TY… lot’s of MIT Fujis are showing up now… in both the + and - R…

I am already set for media… 200 Fuji, 60 Fuji colored discs, 85 unbranded TY and 50 16x Verbatims. Right now I am saving my money for a decent all region player with a NTSC-PAL converter.
Ahhh… who the hell am I fooling… if those Fujis are MIJ I am grabbing some next week… damn my lack of willpower!!! MORE MEDIA…I NEED MORE MEDIA!!!

Thanks for the warning. :stuck_out_tongue:

The FUJI’s really depend on the best buy you have… I found some MIJ last time by searching at a different best buy… they MIJ’s were scrawlled around the mix of cakeboxes.

And if it is MIT DVD-R media, avoid it like the plague! This stuff if Pure Crap Media! We are talking as bad as PRINCO media! :Z

I don’t know that Prodisc is quite as bad as Princo (depends on the media ID code) but I agree that if you can get TY for the same price then it is a no brainer. :wink: Not to mention it isn’t that great of a deal if it is Prodisc. I just want someone to get off their arse and start doing some sales on D/L Verbatim again (I’m talking $4 a disc deals or less).

I’m curious. What do you plan on getting?

Well… I had my eye on the Philips DVP 642. I have seen the negative reviews, but there has also been a lot of positive reviews as well and it’s only about 50 bucks. I wish I could find something more reliable in the 100.00 range that plays dvd±Rs, Mp3s, all region or hackable to all region, a good NTSC/PAL converter, coaxial and optical out (the coax input for my reciever died) an profressive scan.
I can pass on Divx playability.

I wont even have access to the ads till around noon give or take. It doesn’t hurt to post what media is avalable sooner if someone else has access to it sooner. I’ll have scans up tomorow as usual (plus whatever media is at office depot and office max plus the drug stores if anything since some want that). I got some photoshop action’s worked out to avoid what happened last week too.


This stuff any good?

HP 25-Pack 8x 4.7GB DVD+Rs/DVD-Rs
Save $12. No Rebates Required!

I think that they are usally cmcmag. I have had decent results with the +r cmcmage01 but I think opinions kind of vary a little on it.

What media code have the Fujifilm dvd+r MIT?


prodisc f01 for dvd-r and ritek r03 for dvd+R :sad:

Ritek R03