Heads up! Media sale starting August 7th [US]

staples [as posted before]:
sony cdr 100-pack @ $18.94
sony dvdr plus/minus 50-pack @ $19.94
sony dvdrw plus/minus 25-pack @ $14.94

sony dvdr plus/minus 50-pack @ $19.99
compusa cdr 100-pack @ $14.99

best buy:
verbatim dvd+r dl 10-pack @ $39.99
sony dvdr plus/minus 50-pack @ $19.99
verbatim cdr 50-pack @ $9.99


Wow looks like a Sony sale at all stores. Im probably gonna grab a spindle at Staples. They have a 12% off coupon there so it looks like thats the best deal of the bunch. Let’s just hope they have MIJ Sony spindles.

How do SONY DVD-R stack up qualitywise against Taiyo Yudens? So far I’ve bought Taiyo DVD-R for the last few months simply because of the high quality everyone states their media is. I have not a clue as to how great / poor SONY media is. Anyone?

Verbatim dvd+r dl 10-pack @ $39.99 @ Best Buy. $3.99 each. Not as good as the $3.33 at Office Depot this week, but still not bad. Also, many of the Office Depots are sold out now. Looks like DL media might be finally comming down in price and going on-sale more now days. :iagree:

Sony +R/-R if Made in Japan are Taiyo Yudens. TY’s branded media (Fuji, Sony, TDK) are great stuff, but nothing beats genuine unbranded TY’s. Put it this way, genuine unbranded TY’s are A to A+ quality. Branded TY vary in quality. Depending on the batch you could get some inconsistent results or incredible results.

But with that said, branded TY media is probably the best stuff you can buy in retail stores. Unbranded TY aren’t sold in the US at retail stores, only on the net at stores like rima.com.


Sony MADE IN JAPAN 8x +R’s are most likely YUDEN000 T02 ( Taiyo Yuden ).

when is the price going to be under $19.99 per spindle of 50 DVD disc? I’ve stocked up so many discs already and not going to buy anymore unless I see a sub-$19.99 price. My current media inventory, 600 TY of all all sources (sony, tdk, fuji, maxell), 400 verbatim 300 of which are inkjet printable, and 400 TY CDR discs (fuji 48X and maxell), and 300 Mitsui Gold CD-R.

Well Staples has 50pk Sony’s for 19.94. There is a coupon for 12% off which makes the price $17.54 before tax. Here in CA with tax it will be $18.90. This makes it around 38 cents a disc. Pretty good deal i’d say, IF THEY ARE MIJ Sony +R’s.

YIKES!! 1,000 DVD media = approx. 4,360 GB’s of data!! You’d have to burn 2.78 dvd’s a day to use that up in a year. :slight_smile:

lol: some of us burn 4-5 DVDs a day or more…

My experience with those Sony -R’s was that they SUCKETHED. Bad.
If the +R’s go on sale I’m willing to try them, in TY we trust.

I had excellent results with SONY08D1 made in Japan on my PX-712A, the same as TYG02 in fact.

Wow! Talk about getting your money’s worth out of your drives!!

Amen to that! Too bad SONY didn’t use TY for their -R’s as well. That’d be especially nice considering Fuji is opting out. I can’t find any TDK MIJ’s, so all I’ve got left is Sony TY +R’s. TYG02 would be nice to have available. :frowning:

They have hundreds of packs of Fujifilm colored discs TYG-02 Made in Japan at Staples. 3 pack of 10 each.