Heads up! Fuji 100-Pack DVD+R/-R @ 39.99 at BB starting May 29



It’s baaaack!

Apologies to ripit if I posted this in advance. The price is after instant rebate. The BB close to me carries a lot of the MIJ so I will be picking up two spindles. :iagree:


thank you very much


wuz waitin for this deal in loooong time…thanks!


My best buy only has the +R’s that are MIJ. The -R’s are all MIT. What is the media code for these? Prodisc?


so the MIJ code of a fuji is a TY disc then? itll say made in japan on the label if it is right? thanks


And don’t forget to use this coupon for another 4 bucks off:



i can’t speak for -r (since i only use +r’s), but if the cake box on the 8x +r says mij then they will be ty t02’s. i have never seen any other media code for 8x +r mij. if someone else has diff experience, pls post.


sorry i should have said +r, where will it say MIJ?



Look for “MADE IN JAPAN” on the package.


ok sorry im new at this, my posts are high because of all the questions i ask :slight_smile:

i dont know all the abbreviations yet SORRY!


It’ll be real small print usualy. Look around the areas where there’s really no information of real interest to most consumers. Fuji corp address, UPC symbol, under the warrante statement, around there.



thanks for the help, i know where to find it on the label, i just didnt know that MIJ was slang around here for MADE IN JAPAN


Do you have something against using search? :confused:


thank for this info.theres 2 i’ve had my eyes on for the last month or so.looks like i’m goin to have to make room in my closet for them!!thanks again& keep posting. :bow: :bow:


Makes me wonder if we can use the coupon on those. Everyone try to use the 10% off coupon on it. Since it is a instant rebate. Anyone tried to use a coupon on items that have instant rebates at BB before?


I received the coupon by mail. I’ll use it towards the discs this coming Sunday and see if they honor it; at most, I’ll just be saving on the tax since here in New York the sales tax is almost 9 per cent.


I just returned from BB and they honored the coupon along with the sales price on the Verbatim DVD+R 16X. I printed out a copy of the coupon which had a UPC code on it, the teller scanned the product then the coupon and the computer accepted the 10% discount. Now I’m feeling lucky, so I’m off to buy a lotto ticket. If I win, I’m buying a round of CD’s (100 pack) for everyone on this post :slight_smile:


We don’t need that, how about a Verbatim DVD+R DL disk? :stuck_out_tongue:


ok,ill rember that & hold you too it if you strike it lucky!!


i don’t have a printer. do they have a coupon at the store i can use?