Headaches with nero 7. help please

i have just bought a couple of new dvd burners.

the bundled software included was nero 7 ultra edition. installed this, no probs. when i attempt to update it via the internet, nero is uninstalled, computer restarts. then it fails to install the updated version.

been on nero website, downloaded the free update. run the installation program. nero was uninstalled, computer restarted. then i get to the ‘enter serial’ stage and it says that the serial is not valid. put in the cd and applied the key from there. still says it isnt valid.

how on earth do i get hold/find the correct serial to be putting in here??

any help is greatly appreciated.

When you switched OS to VISTA the first thing you should now that almost for sure that your version of Nero is not VISTA compatible that why is not working.

Second, your Version of Nero is OEM with limited function and can’t be upgraded with the same S/N. You have to have right S/N (retail version one) to have upgraded version download and installed with all the functions.