Headache from plexwriter 12/3/4 (PX-W124Tsi)

Dear Members,

This is my first post on this forum and forgive me for not having succeeded in finding an answer while searching through the various archives and faqs on the www.
Reading the contents of Club CD Freaks made me register in hoping to get help with setting up my SCSI plexwriter 12/4/32 (PX-W124Tsi).

System description:
*AOPEN MX3WPRO-V; bios version 1.32.
*Intel 810 Chipset
*Intel Pentium Celeron 533 MHz
*256 RAM
*2 IDE hardrives (both as master on primary and secondary IDE bus; udma enabled)
*Adaptec AHA-2920 SCSI controller on PCI Slot 3 (PCI bus 1, device 7, function 0) with 2 plextor SCSI drives:

  • Ultraplex40max (firmware 1.14) and
  • Plexwriter 12/4/32 (firmware 1.07).
  • both SCSI drives have parity enabled.
  • Plexwriter is last on the SCSI chain and has onboard (active) termination enabled.
    *OS: Windows 2000 Professional (UK version)+SP4+additional MS updates
    Note: I had to re-install the OS after crash and I think it all went well.
    *Intel Application Accelerator v2.33 installed
    *ForceASPI v1.17 used to use ASPI 4.60 (reported by Aspicheck)

Installed Recorder Software:
*Isobuster 1.5
*EAC 0.95 pre-beta 5
*Nero Express
*Clone CD
*Plextools 2.16

Apparently all drivers are running fine, and both drives show up in system-explorer.

Problems I face (for sure and starters, because I have tried all possible recording combinations):

  1. Unable to burn data CD-R(W) with plextools. Once the lead-in has been written, the “writing track” message appears and after a few seconds the write leds (L H) turn off and the system hangs. Waiting for taskmanager-selector to revive after “Ctrl-ALt-Del” takes ages.
  2. After hardware reset, Isobuster gives is unable to read the contents of newly burned disk.
  3. In different tries i found out that both Plextools and Cloned CD can succesfully (quick)erase a erroneously burned CD-RW. Without hanging the system up.

I did try to enable/disable the key “EnableSynchronousTransfers” in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\FD16_700\Paramerters,
but that didn’t have any effect or I did something wrong.

Please help, I’m getting desperate on this matter. Any (uplifting) thoughts are welcome. Am I overlooking something?

Kind regards,


Uninstalling the Intel Application Accelerator might solve your problem since it often causes problems with various other softwares.

Dear PlexFreak,

Thanx for writing. I don’t think that uninstalling IAA will solve my problem as I installed it yesterday as a last resort when reading the Plextor FAQ at the end (Troubleshooting Tips) in http://club.cdfreaks.com/showpost.php?p=279160&postcount=1

Right now I stumble across the incompatibility issues mentioned under “Plextor PX-708A/UF / PX-712A Related” in the same FAQ.

Since installing the IAA did not solve my problem I might as well uninstall it and I will try to do so.


Dear Members,

In my first post I did not mention that I use anti-virus software by Grisoft (AVG 7.0).
In earlier email discussions with Plextor Support I was advised to turn it down completely or uninstall AVG.

Shutting down AVG background processing (by closing “avgamsrv.exe”) did not fix the problems.

Before I changed to the win2k platform I used NT4_sp6 and even then I never managed to get this Plexwriter 12/4/32 running smoothly. I recall that I had to restart the system every time I wanted to use different burn software (e.g. use Plextools for grabbing after having used Nero to burn). That could have been caused by loaded dll’s, but maybe something else.

The combination of the Recorder software i try to use ain’t a problem?

Somebody somewhere wrote that the on-board termination of Plexwriter 12/4/32 (when last in SCSI chain) should be used substituted by external active SCSI terminator. What are your experiences? Unfortunately I don’t have stuff lying around to experiment (SCSI cable with extra connector + terminator).

Thanx in advance,


Make sure the 40max is not terminated. Since they both show up, I assume that each is at a unique ID.
Remove the 40 max and run with just the PW
Swap the two drives on the cable. Set the 40x as terminated, the PW as not terminated.
Verify the card has termination on.
Try Nero CD Speed to try to write to the PW drive. If it works, you have a system or application issue.

Thank you bob11879,

That sounds like a good “debugging” strategy to start with. Tomorrow evening I’ll have time to start.

By the way, right now I know for sure there is no jumper attached at 40Max’s termination location (the W124 is jumpered). So if that unit is fully functional it should at this point not cause any trouble (“halfway” the SCSI bus).

[Computer Managent >> Device Manager >> DVD/CD ROM Drives] shows 2 entries
PLEXTOR CD-R PX-W124TS SCSI CdRom Device (Bus Number 0, Target ID 4, LUN 0);
PLEXTOR CD-ROM PX-40TS SCSI CdRom Device (Bus Number 0, Target ID 3, LUN 0),
so I guess that this part of the configuration is allright.

I’ll try to report my findings with the drive(s) at different bus locations as soon as possible. Please hang in.



Just before going to bed, I gave it another try to at least get some files onto a transport CD-RW74 (Philips 4X; fully erased with CloneCD yesterday).

I used Nero Express first of (with having run any other burning tools) and succeeded this time. I shall upload the session report. In case any of you may read some peculiar lines I’d be glad to learn.


Removed the attachment, it contained your serial number! If you post a Nero log file make sure you remove your serial number from it.

Forgot one very important thing…if you’re using 4-10x RW media, it won’t work. The drive was manufactured when there was only 1-4x media available. The spec changed for faster RW. See

Removed the attachment, it contained your serial number! If you post a Nero log file make sure you remove your serial number from it.

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Excuse me G@M3FR3@K,

Ignorance on my side regarding the serial number. Last 10 days I’ve had no time to perform any debugging. First, I’ll repost the edited session report.



It’s amazing, it seems my problems are vanished. :cool:

I tossed my Adaptec AHA2920 host adapter for a newer version I had laying around: AHA2940AU.

In order to setup this adapter under Win2k in combination with the Plextor drives, I used advice/tips from knowledge bases of Adaptec and Nero and consulted the Isobuster Helpfile.

Right now, I’m able to use various burning/analyzing sw in a row in different order of application. Headache is over, need some sleep now… :iagree:

Oh yeah, this is a wonderful SCSI card. :iagree:



Hi eltranquil,

Thanks for the confirmation!

While reading through old posts on different Boards/NGs I noticed that a lot of people did have problems with SCSI drives (in particular ZIP) while using Adaptec aha-2920 based on an “old” Future Domain product.

That unit has “fixed BIOS”, no CTRL+A to acces setup during boot time, which makes it difficult (for me as layman) to set up things with regards to e.g. “sync”, “init”, “speed” and “negotiation”. Maybe it possible to get that host adapter working in combination with Plextor drives by theaking the registry, maybe it is impossible at all. I don’t know and don’t intend to become a SCSI insight expert.

With AHA-2940 for the first I now am able to “grab” audio data with my 12/4/32. And burning at 12X produces a mere 3% (at max) processor power. I now feel safe while burning my Audio and archives to CD-R.



U should up grade u stuff a lil to like faster prosessor and win xp and so fourth. it woulnt hurt :wink:

Of course.

However, just for the record, with my Adaptec AHA-2940UW-PRO I was able to rip audio and burn on multiple CDs (I have two Plexwriter 121032S) using a Pentium (1) 233 Mhz with 64 Mb of RAM. :slight_smile:

Cheers, ET

Dear PhIbErOpTiK,

That upgrade path would suit my aspirations for a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW), but as an unemployed MSc in Apllied Physics, only the physics part is fun. :slight_smile: