He/she helps, problems with my PX-W121032A

Hello, the other day the Firmware of me changes recording Plextor PX-W121032A it changes it to the version 1.10 and did I check that it doesn’t record multisesión, I have proven it with Nero, with Easy CD creator, with CDMate, etc… and doesn’t it work with none, does somebody know if it can be due to the change of Firmware?
My Plextor PX-W121032A this manufactured in February of 2001, I have as operating system the Windows xp, have I put the “Aspi 4.71”, have I proven it in another computer with Windows 98 second edition and neither it does record multisesión, do I make it with the Nero beginning recording like multisesión without closing the session, does engraving indicate him once that the multisesión continued and does it put me the following message “this disk grabable is not it proves with other” and is the curious thing that with CDs regrabables if the multisesión works, I have changed the Firmware at 1.09 and the 1.07 and neither it does work, can somebody help me?
Another question how many times you the Firmware can change and that cautions have to take for it?.

Thank you ahead of time.