Hdx laptop


I have bought an hp hdx laptop pc with digital TV tuner can i receive any channel in the gulf(Bahrain) or can use it to tune an anolog channels and watch on the pc. or do i need to buy, subscribe to any tv provider if i want to use the laptop out side my house?


According to the Digital Video Broadcasting website, 99% of homes in Bahrain have satellite TV, so this is fairly clear sign that there is very limited (if any) terrestrial TV coverage in the country.

Generally where ever there are digital or analogue terrestrial broadcasts, these are free to air, so as long as you can pick up reception where you use the laptop, you should be able to pick up some (if not all) the broadcasts in the area with a decent TV aerial. It is very unlikely that you can subscribe to pay TV packages, as most PC based DVB-T receivers don’t have a CI or viewing card slot.

Another option is to get a satellite dish installed and pick up a DVB-S USB satellite tuner for your laptop, as there are plenty of free-to-air satellite broadcasts in Bahrain.

The following link gives a list of free-to-air satellite channels (most in Arabic) which can be picked up in Bahrain. Channels highlighted with a tan colour (darker than the page background) are Pay TV channels: