HDTVs More Expensive Now Than Over the Last 2 Years



The average U.S. retail price of a flat panel TV was $1,224 in the second quarter of the year, up from $1,190 in Q1 and up from $1,124 in Q2 of last year.

Link: http://www.tomshardware.com/news/lcd-led-smart-tv-plasma-3dtv,16518.html



The smaller are fairly low priced, IMO. The ones over $1,000 seem to be 50"+ and many are 60"+. It would be interesting to know what the screen size is between the two comparisons.


The average price of dumb TV sets has continued to fall during the two last two years, but not by very much as LCD panel prices were at their lowest at some moments and then had to rise a little several times.

This shop makes and sells 27-inch to 55-inch monitors and TV sets to end users mostly based on LG LCD panels. The cost of a 55-inch LED LCD HDTV of 1920*1080 maximum resolution is still about US$1,000. It was about the same sometime in 2010 or 2011. Small shops like to sell these TV sets at prices closer to the OEM cost of panels so it better reflects the yield rates, scale of mass production, panel cost, etc. than retail prices of Samsung and Sharp advertising. Smart TV sets should include Google TV and Apple TV, and some kind of future TV-enabled devices from Microsoft and Amazon as well, but sometimes it’s difficult to define those as TV’s or computers or simply very large phones and tablets.


When I bought our 46" TV a couple of years ago it was a good deal at around $1,100 and the 52" sets were in the $2,000 then. Now I can find many 55" TVs for right at $1,000 and 60" ones for under $2,000.

I still don’t see why the TV manufacturers aren’t making a big push to incorporate ITX, or similar, based PCs into the sets they sell. The cost should be minimal to them and it would give many people a good reason to upgrade their TVs. Instead they try and entice people with 3D sets that don’t deliver as advertised, IMO. Show typical person that their large screen TV can basically an all-in-one computer and it will get their attention.