Hdtv (transport Stream)

:sad: I have some files on my hard drive they are hdtv and the extender is TS .I have tried various players to play them,Although I get a brilliant picture it is very jumpy.The best player I can find is VLC but even this isnt really watchable.I use win xp and have an amd 3200 .Could anybody possibly advise me of any hardware/software that I could use,bearing in mind that I live in Ireland and we dont have access to hdtv here as yet.Sorry if you have all discussed this over and over before.

You have no access to HDTV but such content on the harddrives?!??

I’d recommend to use ProjectX to convert hdtv material.

Thank you for that advice.Incase you were confused I should have pointed out that what I have is 3 sample files each plays for about 6 minuets to demonstrate Hdtv the extender is TS.I shall see if I can find projectx anywhere and see if that helps play the demos any better.

Progressive HDTV needs much power, even with your computer it’s on the edge. :wink:

i use vlc and it works great. i have about 200gb of movies in HD. at first VLC didnt work too great, but i found a fix for it.

i found it somewhere on AVSforum