HDTV Specs don't mean much?



Looking at the specifications of many LCD and Plasma HDTV sets. The important specifications look misleading.

Contrast ratio is one.
Another and probably even more misleading is claimed picture resolution.
They always seem to state the resolution of a static picture. TV sets are generally used for moving pictures. LCD’s are slow and, did you know that an 1080p rated LCD panel may only have 300 lines of moving picture resolution for fast moving scenes?

I noticed that Panasonic have made a move to state moving picture resolution for their new PZ81 range of Plasma TV’s. Maybe because Plasma is fast and doesn’t have problems with moving picture resolution?

Do you think that other manufacturers should start to disclose meaningful specifications for their HDTV’s?


LCD’s don’t move in lines, I don’t understand how you would even calculate that.


It’s no secret that LCDs blur. Plasma and DLP don’t have this issue. Contrast ratios are pretty much useless. Virtually all current displays have more than enough contrast when properly calibrated. “Dynamic contrast ratio” is a figure that should be ignored at all times. The only thing that really matters is does the display have good blacks and pure whites. These are things that you will never get from spec sheets. It really has nothing to do with them being “HDTV” monitors or HDTV specs.