HDTV shipments surpass standard TVs

I just posted the article HDTV shipments surpass standard TVs.

Market researchers believe that HDTV shipments have surpassed that of standard-definition televisions. According to the researchers significant price reductions and the increased availability of…

Read the full article here:  [http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15152-HDTV-shipments-surpass-standard-TVs.html](http://www.cdfreaks.com/news/15152-HDTV-shipments-surpass-standard-TVs.html)

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This is news? Good luck buying a TV these days that isn’t hi-def. Hey, guess what else is news. The sun will rise in the East tomorrow. Yeah, you heard it here first.

You are right, not getting a HDTV is nearly impossible. But what is the difference between full HD and HD ready? I see it all the time :confused:

Hehe, is like asking salesman for a plain VHS recorder - prepare for an ass kicking. :slight_smile:

@ Grrrrl

In the USA, “HD Ready” refers to any display that is capable of accepting and displaying a high-definition signal at either 720p, 1080i or 1080p using a component video or digital input, and does not have a built-in HD-capable tuner.

So full HD means that you have an HD tuner and can do all those resolutions? BTW: you can answer my post directly with the text balloon and plus icon :bigsmile:

@ Grrrrl

Thanks for the heads up, but I prefer posting this way. When there are a lot of postings it gets to be a pain to go through the list to see if someone posted a reply directly to a comment. By adding to the list I can just scroll to the bottom to see what has been recently added.

Did you get all that? Sometimes I don’t make sense. That could be because I eat a lot of tuna, which is usually high in mercury. And I buy the cheap tuna, which comes from China, so it’s probably also high in lead paint. I really should see a doctor.

I got it, I’m a smart girl :bigsmile: I love tuna, don’t eat it that much, should get it for dinner tonight.

Like Duke said, HD Ready means it’s a monitor & there is no tuner. If it’s an HDTV, it has a tuner.
Full HD is a term manufacturers use to mean the native resolution is 1920x720, as oppsed to 1280x720.

I think Topher5000 meant to type 1920x1080, not 1920x720.

Yeah, my bad.