HDTV sales rise, yet less than 1/3 HDTV owners watch HD



I just posted the article HDTV sales rise, yet less than 1/3 HDTV owners watch HD.

 Over the  past three years, the sales of HDTV sets have increased by five-fold, at least  when it comes to LCD and plasma sets and by the end of 2004, around 10% of US  households had at least...
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from where i am at, most ppl are not going to shell out over $1000 for a new tv when there currant on eworks just fine, more wront even shell out $500 for one, so unless all programing switches to hdtv and prices fall under $500, you wront see sales boom


Hmm…dont’ know where you’re at, but they sell like hot cakes where I’m at. Then again, I live in one of the riches parts of the world. I personally own 2 HD tv’s, just like the article says, I bought them primarily for DVD watching. I like widescreen aspect and there is a noticable difference as compared to watching it on my regular tv.


“I live in one of the riches parts of the world.” And where would that be Bane?


yes but didn’t the FCC in the US state that in 2006 all analog signals must stop and everything must be broadcast in HDTV? And I agree, we need more HD signals. Here in Canada, I only have 30 channels, and none of them are full time HD content. Maybe primetime hours is, nothing more. Even HD sports is nothing more then sports scanned up. GIVE ME MY HD CONTENT!@!$#! I think as usual we have to wait for the porn industry to adopt it before it totally takes over. Once HD porn is avail, EVERYONE will have an HDTV just so they can watch their porn haha


I live in Iraq. JK, I live in the suburbs of Washington DC, where the average household income is about $80K. Yeah, I know, there are other places that are richer, but on a per capita basis, the Washington DC metro area is one of the riches in America. Just don’t come and rob us :wink:


Dish Network is adding a lot of new HD content, and has 2 HD-DVR’s available. One for a $250 lease fee, and the other for $550 purchased.


…The reason i asked was not many people know people that have HDTV Sets in thier own city much less thier neighborhood,I don’t know what kind of TV My neighbor owns i’m actually not sure if mine is HDTV Capable.


@grimes-when is the new content coming? I think you are speaking about some of the programs that did run on VOOM. I saw that story, but I haven’t figured out when this will happen. TIA


Yo Bane maybe a TOD in iraq might make you less sassy about the size of your wallet big noter!..:X


Dish network doubled the HD content on Sunday with 10 voom channels (adding to HBO, Showtime, PPV, NBA, Discovery, HDNet, HDNet movies, ESPN, TNT, LA CBS, NY CBS, and a demo channel). Add to that the 4 to 8 high def channels in southern california, I have plenty of programming.


Cool, I just found this story as well, here is a snippet from the last paragraph: "The 10 VOOM HD networks initially available on DISH, effective May 1, are RUSH HD, Gallery HD, Rave HD, Ultra HD, Equator HD, Monsters HD, Animania HD, Majestic HD, HD News and Guy TV HD. “The addition of these original channels makes the DISH Network high definition package the best in the pay-TV industry,” said Eric Sahl, the VP of programming for EchoStar. “With programming offering the finest clarity and resolution, customers enjoy a better TV watching experience.” :X


I have to agree, $499 is probably the price point for people to really jump on HDTV. And by $499 I mean a 25" or 27", not some 10" mini tv. Let’s not forget that DVDs didn’t take off until DVD players were $99 or less. I have an even more pesimistic view and I feel that true HDTV saturation won’t begin until a $299 price point is hit for a decent size tv.


Studies that I read about say that HDTV won’t lift off in Europe until 2008 (earliest). Honestly, I have never even seen a HDTV set in real life nor heard talking about one, and when I start on the subject, people frown at me. Would you believe me if I said that DVD only became a mass-market comodity thing last year? In Belgium that is, I don’t know for other European countries. I guess the advantage is that once a technology is adopted it already had plenty of time to mature in the US and Japan e.g. Personally, I find it very exciting. But I’ll just have to wait until the moment’s there. Someone, adopt me.