HDTV: How to choose the right one?

I just posted the article HDTV: How to choose the right one?.

    In these days there are many news stories about next generation optical media,  burners, standalone players and new titles made available for both Blu-ray and  HD-DVD formats. But, there is...
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Intersting, the guide seems to have been posted on the 11th of August 2006, my computer reckons it’s only the 9th…

It’s the guide from the future. :stuck_out_tongue:

I bought the LG 42" Plasma(HD Ready). Anyone else bought one of these? Have the LG HDMI DVD player as well. The LG HDMI Dvd player only shows the length of the movie:( no fancy dts/Dolby Digital images on the display window:( Greets Intercept:S