Hdtv, Hd Cable Box, Dvd Player

I have a HD TV 1080P, HD Cable Box with HD outlet, & DVD player with 1080P upscaling also HD outlet - all the cables for this latest technology.

What is the most efficient set up, forgot to mention have toslink capability if needed?

Thanks in advance for the advice…

Use the ports in this order

Component/Optical or coaxial/RCA Audio Jacks

You really should not get to this point.

S-video/RCA jacks
Video/RCA jacks

Start with your HD Box first.

You can buy adapter heads for HDMI/DVI

What make it the TV?
What make is the HD box?
What make is the DvD Player?

Depending on the inputs and outputs of the devices in question and how many each have will affect how you will hook things up.


TV Samsung 4071 LNT 3 HDMI inputs
Cable box Explorer 4250 1 HDMI input
DVD Player Phillips DVP5982 1 HDMI input

As platinumsword mentioned, I would suggest using HDMI connection.

Cable box --> HDMI --> TV input #1
DVD player --> HDMI --> TV input #2

Do you have an AV Receiver? If you do have an AV Receiver with HDMI inputs

Cable box --> HDMI --> AVR
DVD player --> HDMI --> AVR
Then, AVR --> HDMI out --> TV

If your AVR doesn’t have HDMI inputs

Cable box --> HDMI --> TV in #1
DVD player --> HDMI --> TV in #2
then connect Toslink optical cables from DVD Player and Cable box to AVR for the audio streams.

I understand HDMI is better than DVI or component video.

Yes, as I posted I have all the hdmi cables and all the components have hdmi outlets, so i will take your advice along with anyone else.

Actually when I posted it was for the bedroom so just have tv, dvd player and hdmi cable box…NOW i am installing the living room which again has all hdmi cables, hdmi outletsand, and the components are hdtv, hddvr cable box, onkyo receiver (3hdmi oulets) and a PS3.

Thanks again for your help I see below you have answered the set up for the receiver too. I was curious to see if there were opinions on different OPTIMAL ways to set up or if pretty much there is only one correct way.

Thanx techies!!

Welcome to the forum, with HDMI, you dont even need to use toslink cable

Hookup needed for CABLE BOX (w/HDMI output only) DVD/VCR RECORDER (with output only HDMI) AND SONY LCD TV 46KDL4100.
Want to be able to record from cable box.

Hello Pasternak, you should have made your own thread. To record from the cable box to the DVD recorder, you could have to attach the cable box to the DVD recorder using either S-Video or Component cables, depending on what the DVD recorder supports. Most cable boxes do have PVR’s, which are better quality than DVD.