HDTV gift givers forget to add service

I just posted the article HDTV gift givers forget to add service.

Parents do their uttermost best to make each Christmas better then the one before. This could be done by a more expensive gift, a better holiday destination or more gifts. This Christmas more and…

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If I only could get HD-TV, I still really wonder how good it looks compared to normal TV, but what I heard it’s awesome. I guess most US people watch everything in HD-TV?

You don’t actually need HD service to catch some HD channels… My Bravia XDR4 catches a handful of HD channels and also a TON of audio channels just over the air with regular cable hookup.

When do we get this HD-TV in Europe?

Most people upgrade to an HDTV for increased size of screen vs. price plus less depth than a CRT. The HD side of things comes a poor second place in terms of the reasons people upgrade to HDTV’s. My parents bought a 42" 1080P display. Yet they have no HD service. No HD playback device and only watch standard definition broadcasts and upscaled DVD’s. They sit far enough back from the screen for it not to be that noticeable a difference. Granted if they were to sit a lot closer they would see the artefacts and lack of definition. But even I don’t notice too much from the position I am seated when I visit. HD only benefits those with MUCH larger displays or those that sit within a few feet of the display.