HDTV Extended Warranties?

So, I’m looking to buy a new 52" Samsung lcd and so far im debating between Amazon.com and Frys. Both seem to have the most ideal situation for me. I like the amazon tv price and warranty thru samsung but i also like having a physical store i can go to (Frys) in case something happens) and their warranty price is good to for 5 years. But here’s the question…

Does anyone know the difference between their 2 warranty extension programs?

I know amazon sells an extension directly thru Samsung and it’s like $360 for 5 years…

Frys on the other hand seems to do something different and theirs is only $250 for 5 years…

i cant seem to find the difference between Frys warranty and a Samsung direct extension… i even got a pamphlet on it from frys and its about as vague as it gets…

anyone else ever bought a tv from frys? or better yet, anyone had to make good on their warranty extension from frys? or even if someone understands what each warranty would cover would be good.

Thanks in advance!

Hey [B]uronmy49311[/B]: did you notice we have a HD forum here :wink: :


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FWIW in last years Consumer Reports flat panel ratings and Reliability issue they found the major brands to be very reliable, based on 75,000 responses. Panasonic plasmas where found to be some of the most reliable TVs [B]ever [/B]made. Samsung LCDs were right behind (with 2% and 3% reporting problems), with most of the problems occurring while under the original warranty. For that reason they saw no need for extended warranties.

Do note that although 2% vs. 3% sounds about the same it actually means the Samsungs had 50% more problems than Panasonic.

Don’t you just love statistics. :slight_smile:

3rd-party warranties are worthless. If you feel you must have an expended warranty, go with the manufacturer’s offering. On an LCD, the odds of needing that extended warranty are near to 0. If it was a good deal they wouldn’t sell it.