Hdtv Dvd Recorder?

Is there a DVD recorder that will take componant signals from my Dish and record them to a DVD. Just curious!

Sony RDR-HX900. Get ready to part with $800.

From the literature:
“You cannot connect an HDTV tuner to the component video input, because it is compatible with standard definition interlaced signals only.”

Preparing a “PC” to do it seems the better way to me personally.

From what i’ve read I’d have thought a D-VHS recorder would be the easiest method to record (well archive) HDTV, most likely via component. As far as I know a DVD Recorder wouldn’t be able to record HDTV in full resolution as HDTV exceeds the maximum capabilities of DVD’s line resolution

Agreed, but pardon my noobness: does the ViVo chip need to be HDTV compliant or is the software enough?

This is me card: hxxp://www.asus.com/products4.aspx?modelmenu=2&model=400&l1=2&l2=8&l3=12

You would need an real DVB card/receiver as the source anyway (unless you have cable access).

I use a SkyStar2 (PAL/SECAM) for my HDTV stuff (receive/record).
It is approx. €55/60 and comes with an Remote in this newest revision.

I also can use my Hauppauge WinTV DVB-S (hardware mpeg on board) after disabling the MPEG Decoder…

Thanks for your reply, I already have a stand-alone Humax DVB receiver, I meant if the HDTV signal from it can be acquired directly by a Video-in capable video card like mine.

Thanks! You have me thinking this all the way to the end! It seems there is a smart card issue with the computer solution. I don’t think I can make that happen from what I have read!

So I am still back to the record off my dish receiver option to a portable device. Most of the stuff I record is an hour music program. Although it would be nice to record longer programs, maybe dumb down the signal when I need longer record features. I have a Liteon 5005 with Svideo inputs and no optical inputs. So the quality is limited by my working inputs!

I am still wondering if it is even possible to record off my componant outs on my Sat receiver. I have componant out on my Hitachi 61sdx but I beleive they have been scrambled.
Nice mouse hunt! LOL
Maybe we can figure something out!

Fellow geeks at work suggested I look at the digital video out on the new Dish receivers as a possible record source output and dump that to a computer or some record device that has that type of input.

DVI certainly can be used as a video input source, but no audio. There are, of course, no consumer recording products that will record anything but 480i sources. I’ve considered pulling the HD out of my HD DVR to see what’s on it, but I’ll wager it’s nothing I can use on the PC.

Oh my, I forgot about the freaking audio! So much for that idea unless they have a DVD recorder that will take in that connection and sync it with a digital audio.

Let me state this again. There no DVD recorders that will accept digital or Component video inputs with HDTV content, nor will there ever be. Same for digital audio. They call it copy protection, or DRM.

Thats clear! Subject closed! :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:
Thanks everyone for the help!

The LG 3410a PVR does HD native to it’s built in 160 gig drive. It has a good HD tuner that can get qam 256 and 64 plus regular OTA digital and HD signals. It doesn’t record dvd’s but does have a firewire out so if you have a DVHS machine you can record the output to tape. There also is a rumor they will be releasing a similar unit that has a dvd recorder built in that can record 1 hour of hd to regular dvd’s using a proprietery format that only it can play, plus probably a firewire out and regular dvd recording, but we’ll see if it shows up.

Yes, being able to record HD to DVR is great, although 160GB is a tad small for HDTV. If the recorder makers decide to implement the DRM flag on HDTV broadcasts, the recording to DVD will not be possible. Hopefully the laws forcing the DRM flags to be implemented will fail to pass the courts. I’d guess that the proprietary HDTV DVD’s are an attempt to satisfy the evils bastards, but if it flies, it’ll be a step in the right direction. But even HD-DVR is at risk if the broadcasters and studios get their way.

I get pretty good quality DVD’s by recording a 480i output from the HDTV receiver via SVHS, but you lose the DolbyDigital sound. It sure looks a lot better than the crappy “digital” picture that DirecTV and Dish broadcast, and I can use the “squeeze” options during recording to get 16:9 picture at playback with the “stretch” option.

I have a Fusion3 hd card in my box here and it can do all the standard ota/hd/cable channels plus record them too, and it will output to firewire :slight_smile:
Which my board has with my 64 athlon I got recently. I also got a 34 wide HDTV and a lg 4200a hd tuner so I’m getting into hd lately. Might try to get a good deal on a DVHS myself but most seem to get retail lately. And then there’s the coming options mentioned if they happen.

Yay, that’s the spankin’ truth.

Looks like I am back to a Hard Drive option for any program records for the time being. Dish has an upgrade for $700. A little stiff to say the least but maybe my best option until the equipment catches up to consumer needs. My 5005 will do as a temporary fix. The combo Hard Drive/DVD units with all the correct inputs may help in the quality issue. I just can’t seem to find any detailed user info on the transfer from the Hard Drive to the dvd on units that support higher end inputs. Looks like this process as stated is locked up tight with no easy work arounds at the moment. But I am sure this will all change in the next two years has HD/blue ray evolves and morfs and HDTV become more common in user households. Maybe!