HDRW720: partial playback, then "Disc error"

I have a Philips HDRW-720 and it has given me a headache since day one. First off, I had to upgrade the firmware (which Philips support was useless in help). It took me forever to find a work around with the tv program guide since I have digital cable boxes and now it is giving me problems when I burn dvds. When I archive to dvds, sometimes the index pictures all reset as I add new programs onto the dvd. The most recent problem is that it will not play any of the recorded programs after the first 2 (usually 30 min tv shows)…all it says is “disk error”. I’ve used several types of media with the same result. Any suggestions?

Welcome to the forum :).

Regarding the discs you’re using, can you please tell us:

a. what is the brand (and media ID if possible)
b. the speed rating
c. whether these are +R or +RW discs

I’ve used Memorex and Verbatim, both DVD+R 16x. I did notice today when I pulled the dvd label off the dvd (made by Avery labels), that the dvd would play. Could it be that all of these dvds that I’ve made cannot be labeled with a label?

This is almost certainly the cause of your problem. Paper labels cannot be guaranteed to be absolutely central, and cause the disc to have an imbalance serious enough to throw the laser tracking off.