HDRW720 displays "no Disc"

Hello I am new to this forum.
I have viewed other threads but nothing close to my current fault with my Philips hard drive recorder.Philps New Zealand are closed over our New years break, local support probably wont be availableto 9 Jan 2006

My Hard drive DVD recorder/player model HDRW720/00 on the first day of January 2006 has stopped reading DVD discs. the unit is 8 months old.

Whether the disc is a recorded +RW or + R or any of my pre recorded hollywood movies (any DVD) the HDRW720 starts to read the disc, the display first says “Reading” then stops and the display comes up " No Disc" this also comes up on the disc menu display on the television.

After I have tried a number of various discs, the display comes up reading " Blocked" and the recorder locks up completely, but in the manual book there is no explanation what this “Blocked” message means? I then have to unplug the HDRW from the wall socket, wait a minute, then plug it back in for it to work again.
Still after doing this disconnection of power it still comes up on the display “No Disc” when a DVD is inserted regardless of recorded or commercially pre recorded disc. The discs do work in my other Philps DVD players, so all my discs are OK.

I have now done a complete reset, reinstalling channels etc, but it will still not read or play any discs.
The Hard drive part of the recorder still seems to be working fine (records, edit,time slip, etc) but cant archive anything I have recorded to disc has it does not read any.
The current firmware version on the HDRW is # CF 3.2.

Please advise what I could do next?

Thanks and Happy New Year to you all :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Unfortunately, it sounds like the DVD drive mechanism is faulty and you should arrange to have it repaired under guarantee.

Just out of interest, can you play a CD in it?

Have you twiddled around with region settings? Region setting stick around irrespective of how many times you reboot

It may be worth setting it to multi-region using the handset hack - i can’t find a link to hand but i’ll post it ifn i can find it again


Would the region settings be expected to interfere with a home recording on +R/+RW (which are region-free)? Also, AFAIK when a commercial DVD-ROM disc of a non-permitted region is inserted, there appears a specific message relating to this, and not the dreaded ‘No Disc’ message.

Hey thanks for the replies. :smiley:

Tried both ideas but still comes up “no disc”, so it looks like a trip to the service centre - when they reopen for new year.
Funny thing about the region settings is that it wont stay in multi region setting (my region is 4). It will read multi region/zone ok but need to hack it for it to read other regions for that particular Disc. I have only done this a couple of times now.

Edit: New thread started with additional questions… (imkidd57)

Thanks for thinking of that. It probably is better, strictly speaking, although I’m not too prescriptive about how threads develop.

I’ll split your last post and form a new thread with the questions and replies, a little later.

Isn’t multi-region 0 or 9? or even 255

Dont think you should do it too many times - i think there’s a limit on region sets - 12 or so

Put DVD+RW on tray and close it using red button on remote control. HDRW will treat such inserted disc as blank (not used). I know that problem occurs with blank +R disc also, but it cannot get worse when we do some additional tests, right?

From original postee…

Wed 4 Jan 2006
I called Philips help desk and spoke to a guy who knew exactly what was wrong (is a known problem). Apparantly an IC chip behind the the disk tray can become loose or damaged (due to excesive movement of the disc tray?).
bringing up the “No Disc” display. He said to take it to their service agent the next day (Thu), tell the service people to mark the job as “Priority” and I should have it back before the weekend, the catch was… as long as the IC chip part was on there shelfs. :confused:

I was not 100% sure they could repair it that fast and when I spoke to the service agent on the phone, she said the technicians can only do there best to get it back by the weekend - not. :disagree: I decided to use the hard drive side of thre recorder over the weekend and take it to them on Monday.

Mon 9 Jan 2006
Took the HDRW720 in(approx 9am) and explained to the service agent what Philips said the problem was, and mentioned the Priority status :confused:
Thinking now if I am lucky I have it back by the end of the week (hopefully back in 2 weeks).
3pm sameday, I got the phone call from the service agent, It has been repaired. In shock (they only had it for less than 6 hours) I said I will pick it up before they close at 5pm.

Tried it that night, and have been using it every night since, recording to disc etc, all seems fine. Good on you Philips & Next Electronics (Penrose). I amazed at the turn around time. :clap: :clap:

The part they replaced according to Job docket description:
“Dismantled unit. Found intermitttently blocked. Replaced faulty SABL IC chip. Reassembled & tested ok.”
The part number for the IC: Item code: 996500029182.
Item description: 111f, 7402, DVD, N, A. & serial ID: 713328.

Thanks for your help from this forum. :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

(PS: The Philips guy said there is a new 400GB recorder coming out in the southern hemisphere in April-May 2006. :wink: )

This is very useful information about this problem with the HDRW720, and thank you for feeding it back. There’s been a lot of speculation on various forums about the ‘No disc’ error, mainly about whether it was the old problem of lens cement decay that severely affected the early Philips models such as the DVDR8x0 series.

It’s also encouraging that it is a relatively simple repair job that can perhaps be done at an agent, rather than a larger service centre. Could you tell us whether Philips asked for machine serial number, or that you needed a repair authorisation number? It sounds quite informal the way the repair was organised.

Sorry I have not replied sooner.

Philips in New Zealand has down sized quite abit. So most of the repair claims are handled by the retailers and work done on their products is done by service agents. This is common for many “Brand names” here and warranties and servicing are done through independent agents, who inturn bill the manufactures. Sony New Zealand are one of the few who still do repairs on there own products.
In my situation, Philips recommended the best place to get my HDRW720 repaired (the agent with the best knowledge of the recorder) and I delt with them direct. All I did was give a copy of my Purchasing invoice (which had the date & serial # printed on it), to the agent, which showed that it was still under warranty.
Quite simple actually, but amazed at the prompt service over the holiday period. Just good luck I think. :bigsmile:

Sounds like a simple and effective arrangement :), and something that Philips should think about elsewhere in the world.

Thanks for the extra feedback, and good luck with your recorder :).