HDRW720/17, TV Guide plus, and setting the time manually

I’ve had a Phillips HDRW720/17 for a couple of years now. (using firmware 3.2) It has worked great, but at the beginning of 2009, the TV Guide+ stopped working. (my guess is the local cable system stopped it) That’s ok, but the problem I have run into is the clock was set from that TV Guide+ signal. The unit will not let me set the time manually while the TV Guide+ is enabled. The HDRW720/17 is about 6 minutes fast now. I have tried the following to disable the TV Guide+:
-Deleted all the channels in the TV Guide+
-Set the zip code to 99999
-Set the zip code to 00000 (the TV Guide+ asks to be setup when I go into the guide)
Any ideas how I can set the time manually?
Matt M.

From the Setup menus? That’s how most recorders I’ve used do it.

Yes, I realize the time and date needs to be set in the setup menus.
Here is the manual:
On page 22, it tells you how to set the time and date manually. But, if the Guide+ is active it will not let you set the time and date manually.

Ah. If you do a hard reset, (unplug the unit and then plug the unit back in by holding the standby button) the time and date can then be set manually.
Matt M.