HDRW720/17 Status Report

I’d like to get an idea of how many users we have on this board who have a hdrw720 and what are the main problems they are having.

i purchased my first 720/17 last oct thru costco.com for $200
it’s got the latest 3.2 firmware and it has a Manufacturer date of DEC 04 (you can check the sticker on the bottom for Manu. Date)

This unit suffers from the Guide issues… i would say once every week to 2 weeks once i turn the unit on and attempt to go to the guide… once i hit the button …nothing happens and then the unit lights up red and the machine resets… at that point i can usually turn the machine back on…go back into the guide and the listings are still there… occassionally however sometimes it wipes out the listings (however the scheduled recordings are still there)

Recently i had the hard drive about 90% full and i started noticing little audio glitches and whatnot…so i deleted off a ton of stuff (back down to about 50% full on the Hard Drive) and i do not seem to have playback problems.

Unit 2 i purchased in nov. last year… upgraded to 3.2 firmware and it’s got
Manufacturer date of JAN 05

It’s in a different room in the house. i very rarely have the guide problems with it at all… i’d say once every 4 months or so …it might lock up and reboot…but it’s been pretty smooth… the one issue i have experienced on it however is…

If you am recording a show… and i watch that show delayed (for example a tv show that comes on from 7-9pm …i might start it at 8 and fast forward… OR if i watch previously recorded shows while a tv show is recording and use the fast forward alot…from time to time…the audio will go extremely static sounding … this does not happen all the time.and it seems to be related to a lot of fast forwarding .but the only way to get it to stop is to turn off the 720…as soon as i turn it back on…the programs sound fine again… i have seen the problem listed here on the board and i just have the 720 hooked to a tv…so i believe this to be a 720 problem.

For the record… i am just using basic analog Cable plugged straight into 720 on both machines.
i record probably 10-15 hours of tv each week on the units.

So how many 720 owners are experiencing these problems on a regular basis?
i would be curious to hear what problems and what the Manufacturer date your unit is.

Long post i know…

I have had my 720 for almost two years. The hard drive failed after a few months (it was still under waranty) and Philips fixed it (repair took a l-o-n-g time).

I had so many problems with the unit (guide problems, lockups) that I took out an extended waranty when the factory waranty expired. Currently, I have no guide. I have gone through setup several times in the last few days but nothing fixes it. I talked to TV Guide and to Philips support and Philips blames TV Guide and TV Guide says that the problem is the Philips software. This morning I got totally feed up with the unit and called Phillips again. After talking to several people I finally got someone that put my “case” on the “review list”. Philips is reviewing all my trouble calls (over a dozen since I owned the unit) and deciding what to do (try to repair the unit, replace it, or replace it with a different model number). They are suppose to call me back by next Wednesday (July 26th) with a decision.

I urge ANYONE that is having problems with this model to call Philips and keep calling them until you get your problems resolved. There is no reason in the world why a consumer product should be so unreliable. It has missed hundreds of recordings because it loses the EPG. Currently, the only way to record is manually (or setup a timer).

Well, after about a week and half of calling into phillips tech support i was finally able to get a RMA number to ship the Unit Back in to them. Hopefully they will send me a different unit or perhaps figure out what component is causing these issues… i agree with Bill R… the more people that call in the better chance of another firmware release that might fix some of these problems.


I did get a call back from Philips and I was told that there will NOT be anymore software updates for the 720. They offered to replace my 720 with another model (the DVDR3455H). It does not use the TV guide (according to Philips none of the current models have the TV Guide feature). The 3455 doesn’t have the 30 second skip either and, reading about it on the net, it seems to have many problems. I told them that the 3455 was unacceptable as a replacement for my 720 and they are suppose to come up with another offer.

Well… i received the philips dvdr3455H/37 today as a replacement from philips… No phone call or anything…they just sent me the philips dvdr3455H/37… after doublechecking online that it does not have a guide built in (you have to use the VCR Plus Codes) i decided this would not be acceptable. i called into customer service and explained that all though my 720 has some issues with the guide…the guide is why i sent it in for repair… and sending me a unit that does not have a guide is not a fix…

that’s like sending in an AM/FM Stereo because the AM radio does not work to well and they send you back a brand new FM Stereo with no AM Option…

Anyways…they explained they have no models anymore with the guide and that the philips dvdr3455H/37 is the upgrade…i explained that would not be satisfactory and they said they would have Customer Relations give me a call within 48 hours…

we willl see…