HDRW720/17 Freeze

I bought a floor model and started to used the unit late December 2005.
I updated to the latest firmware downloaded from Philips.com. I did not quite followed the instruction. My cd burner burn the cd at 8X speed. After my machine updated the firmware, the disc drawer opened and indicated no disc (different message from the one said in the manual). I pushed the button to close the drawer. Someone on the forum said you had to push the drawer in gently instead of pushing the button. The DVD recorder verified I have the latest firmware.

Lately I had 4 occurrences that my unit will freeze. 3 times during play (2 times with HD ranges from 40 to 60 minutesand one time with DVD disc about 40 minutes). 1 time it frooze after I just finished watching a 30 minute program recorded on HD (froze when I am in the previous recorded shows screen). 1 time I was recording a TV show and it recorded only 19 minutes instead of 30 minutes (did not show the title of program).

Anyone has any idea about this problem? I am still under warrantee but I still have about 10 months of warrantee left so I am still trying out the machine. It is just a hazzle to mail the unit back to Philips for troubleshooting.