HDRW 720 playing on other dvd players



Any advice on adding bit rate to recorded DVD’s on Phillips HDRW 720 to make them play on my Mintek Portable DVD player, I used to be able to do this on my Philips 985 before it died ?


Not quite sure what you mean… Is it altering the bitrate settings of an MPEG2 file using DVD Patcher, or on the IFO file of the DVD folders by using IFOedit?


I used to be able to put the DVD that I recorded on my phillips 985 home recorder in the tray and click a button on my remote, then the tray would close and apply a code or bitrate to it so it would play on my Mintek portable dvd player. If I didn’t do this it would still play on my Computer or some other DVD players but not the Mintek. I have tried this same technique according to the problem solutions on page 76 of the HDRW 720 owners manual by placing in tray and holding down the #2 button with no results.


Ah… that would be bitsetting (changing the booktype of a +RW disc to DVD-ROM instead of the default).

Are you using a +RW? You would not be able to chage the booktype of a +R this way. Perhaps you could check in your PC what the booktype is changed to. I suggest downloading DVD Identifier.